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Oil Industry Faces Major Challenges Oil industry is facing major challenges affecting oil-producing countries, Minister of Oil and Minister of Electricity and Water Khaled Al-Fadhel said on Sunday. Al-Fadhel made the statement during th... October 15, 2019 605 Category: Business
GCC Private Sector Faces Historic Responsibility Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) hosted on Thursday the 51st Meeting of the GCC Council of Chambers Union with participation of delegations from all chambers and their federations. Du... June 21, 2019 341 Category: Business
Kuwait Faces Severe Shortage Of Parking Space Kuwait is going to face severe shortage of parking space across the country, Union of Kuwait Real Estate Federation said. In a press conference, officials of Real Estate Federation said that there is ... April 04, 2019 357 Category: Kuwait
The Various - Abhorrent Faces Of Racism Sometimes, I wonder if we are racists and if we do not accept others. Do we actually discriminate people on the basis of religion, ethnicity and skin color? Do we claim civility and open-mindedness wh... November 25, 2018 915 Category: Article
Mistaken Identity - Syrian Mother Of Two Faces Deportation For Begging Abu Ali, a Syrian resident of Kuwait, of age 29 years and with a clean record, was shocked after knowing his wife could get deported after a police officer, who was in search for a Jordanian woman who... September 21, 2018 482 Category: Crime News
Reveal Their Real Faces Where does the truth lie? On Aug 2, 1990, Saddam Hussein’s forces occupied Kuwait only to be expelled after seven dark months. During this period, a majority of the countries of the world sto... September 03, 2018 1384 Category: Article
Kuwait Oil Minister Faces No-confidence Motion Speaker of the National Assembly, Marzouq Al-Ghanim, based on the comments made by several MPs, said he expects Thursday’s session to renew confidence in Minister of Oil Bakheet Al-Rashidi and M... May 03, 2018 496 Category: Kuwait
KISR Indicated That Kuwait Faces Threat Of Major Earthquake General Supervisor of the National Seismic Network at Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research Dr Abdullah Al-Enezi indicated that Kuwait is not far from the dangers of a huge earthquake that could le... March 10, 2017 7429 Category: Kuwait
Amazon Faces Fine For Violating Shipping Regulations US Federal aviation Administartion said it is proposing a $350,000 civil fine against Inc for shipping a product that allegedly violated hazardous materials regulations and injured sev... June 14, 2016 984 Category: International
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