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Woman Falsely Accuses Husband Of Keeping Explosives At Home A Kuwaiti woman, at odds with her husband, told police he illegally possessed arms and explosives, local media reported. But on reaching the alleged warehouse in the area of Qurain in the governora... November 11, 2021 190 Category: Crime News
Explosives Found Near The Seventh Ring Road The bomb disposal experts have detonated explosives which were found off the Seventh Ring Road and Salmi, reports Al Anba daily. The explosives are believed to be remnants of ordnance planted by th... December 15, 2020 437 Category: Kuwait
Customs Seized 7 Containers With Explosives, Fireworks Worth KD1.5M General Administration of Customs impounded seven containers loaded with dangerous fireworks worth KD1.5 million and the contents have been destroyed, because it contained gunpowder. A customs source ... June 23, 2019 312 Category: Crime News
Saudi Security Checkpoint Targeted With Guns And Explosives Four attackers targeted a security checkpoint with guns and explosives in eastern Saudi Arabia as they tried to flee the country, leading to the death of two and the arrest of two others, Saudi-owned ... April 08, 2019 383 Category: International
Govt Bans Import Of Bombs And Ammunition Director-General of the General Administration of Customs has issued instructions to ban the import and sale of commercial goods which look like explosives such as bombs and ammunition, reports Al- Ra... June 11, 2018 523 Category: Crime News
Customs Confiscated 14 Containers With Explosives And Fireworks Private Security Sector and General Administration of Customs confiscated 14 containers filled with explosives and fireworks that arrived at Shuwaikh Port from overseas, reports Al-Seyassah daily. In ... April 10, 2018 585 Category: Crime News
Arab Civil Defense Officials Mull Disaster-response Pact Civil defense officials of Arab states convened Tuesday in Tunis to discuss a series of measures to beef up cooperation in civil defense particularly in response to disasters. The conferees would a... October 11, 2017 675 Category: Kuwait
Iran Interference In Arab World Grave Menace - Kuwait Iran’s interference in Arab domestic affairs and its spread of terrorism represent a grave menace to the security and stability of the Arab region, Kuwait’s Deputy Foreign Minister has sai... September 15, 2017 682 Category: Kuwait
PAHW Used Explosives To Flatten Several Areas In Mutla Area The Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW) used explosives to flatten several areas in Mutla area as a preliminary step for constructing the infrastructure of Mutla Residential City. This serves ... June 09, 2017 650 Category: Kuwait
Special Squad To Protect Kuwait Airport Specially trained 30 member security team will begin work at the Kuwait International Airport early next week. The special squad personnel are well-trained to deal with suspicious people, explosive... June 05, 2017 1570 Category: Kuwait
Weapon Collection department Launched Inspection Campaign In Kabad General Department for Weapon Collection launched an inspection campaign in Kabad Livestock Pen area with the aim of ensuring eradication of unlicensed weapons, ammunition and explosives. In a press s... April 06, 2017 2306 Category: Crime News
Public Prosecution Demanded Punishment For Suspects Over Charges Of Conspiring With Iran And Hezbollah The Court of Cassation has adjourned to May 14 to issue its verdict on the case popularly known as “Abdali Cell” filed against 26 individuals. The Public Prosecution had demanded capital p... March 27, 2017 534 Category: Crime News
Cabinet Express Robust Support For The Kingdom Of Bahrain In Combating Terrorism The Cabinet on Monday held the weekly regular session at Bayan Palace under chairmanship of His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al- Mubarak Al-Hamad Al- Sabah. Following the session, Minister... March 07, 2017 722 Category: Kuwait
Security Authorities Arrested Kuwaiti For Possessing Explosives Material Acting on information the security authorities raided the home of a Kuwaiti and took him into custody for possessing explosives material, reports Al-Shahed daily. According to a security source the co... February 02, 2017 832 Category: Crime News
Weapons Confiscated During Raid Officers from the General Weapons Collection Department raided two houses in Andalus and Riqqa, where they found weapons and chemicals suspected to be used for making explosives. The department receiv... October 31, 2016 1317 Category: Crime News
Officers From Explosives Disposal Unit Detonated Landmines Officers from Explosives Disposal Unit recently detonated two landmines that were discovered in Mutla’a area near Ali Al-Salem Air Base. The landmines are remnants of ordnances left behind the I... March 28, 2016 1083 Category: Kuwait
Surprise Gun Raids Ongoing To Cleanse The Country Of Unlicensed Arms, Ammunition And Explosives, Emphasizing The unlicensed arms and explosives’ collection law, a year after its enforcement, has resulted in substantially reducing rates of incidents or accidents that lead to fatalities or critical injur... February 18, 2016 1288 Category: Kuwait
Police Arrested A Kuwaiti For Possessing Ammunition Rounds And Explosives Material Kuwaiti arrested in possesion of ammunition rounds and explosives material believed to be used in making explosives, reports Al-Shahed daily. The suspect was arrested for violating traffic l... November 20, 2015 2688 Category: Kuwait
Russia Announced A 50 Million Reward After Explosives Found In Metrojet Wreckage Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday blamed terrorists for the air crash in Egypt that killed 224 people and vowed to punish those who carried out “one of the bloodiest crimes” agai... November 17, 2015 1621 Category: Kuwait
Explosives Found Police found explosives and ammunitions inside pipes dumped at an open area in Abdali north of the country. Bomb squads, Special Task and State Security Force had headed to the scene after patrol offi... August 16, 2015 1924 Category: Kuwait
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