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Stray Dogs Kill Eleven Rare Goats, Attack 7 Expensive White Goats  The livestock barn on Rashid Mahdi Al-Azmi farm in the Al-Wafra farms area was subjected to a fierce attack by stray dogs, reports Al- Seyassah daily. The daily added, the dogs have killed 11 ra... September 28, 2020 623 Category: Information
Kuwait Hospital Buy Most Expensive Medicine In The World The head of pharmacy at Al-Adan Hospital, Hussein Al-Enezi, announced the arrival of the most expensive medicine in the world for the treatment of cases of spinal muscular dystrophy. The treatment is ... November 05, 2019 1643 Category: Kuwait
Cost Of Birth Delivery Expensive For Expats Number of expatriates women coming to Kuwait on a visit visa to give births in public hospitals are very few because the cost of delivery is 400 dinars which is considered double than it would cost th... August 08, 2019 1227 Category: Expats
FDA Okays World’s Most Expensive New Drug Worth $ 2.1m The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new drug, the world’s most expensive drug ($2.1 million), to treat spinal muscular atrophy in children. About 60 cases of the disease ... May 28, 2019 215 Category: Business
Group Of Thieves Broke Into A Shop And Escaped With Expensive Watches And Jewelry The Criminal Investigations Department is exerting tremendous efforts to arrest a group of thieves who broke into a shop in a wellknown commercial complex and escaped with a large number of expensive ... January 29, 2019 358 Category: Crime News
Indian Maid Stolen An Expensive Watch And KD 4,000 Police are looking for an unidentified Indian maid for allegedly stealing an expensive watch and KD 4,000, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added, the female sponsor of the maid discovered the theft wh... September 12, 2018 494 Category: Crime News
Lettuce Is Expensive Despite the peaceful sale of tomatoes in the last few months without any chaos or high prices, this red fruit’s friend on the same plate – lettuce – has a different story these days,... September 10, 2018 489 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Officially Became A Gasoline Importing Country Kuwait officially became a gasoline importing country on a daily basis as of April 2017, reports Al- Anba daily. Kuwait has been buying 1.4 million liters of gasoline worth KD 214,000 every day from t... November 29, 2017 770 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Among Least Expensive Middle East Cities For Expats According to Mercer’s 2017 Cost of Living Survey, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the second and third most expensive Middle Eastern cities for expatriate cost of living. The global ranking sees Dubai c... June 22, 2017 755 Category: Kuwait
Ethiopian Maid Stolen 2 Expensive Watches Police are looking for an Ethiopian housemaid for stealing 2 expensive watches and a necklace belonging to the female sponsor and KD 570 cash from her home in Riqqa. The daily did not give more det... April 23, 2017 1124 Category: Crime News
Shura Council Approved Of Gulf Cooperation Council VAT Framework Agreement Executive summary On Jan 30, 2017, the Shura Council in Saudi Arabia announced the approval of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Value Added Tax (VAT) Framework Agreement. Officials at the Saudi Arab... March 15, 2017 987 Category: Kuwait
Aston Martin Holdings Ltd Expects A Return To Profitability In 2018 Aston Martin, which is to publish its 2016 financial figures at the end of February, is held by Kuwait's Tejara and Italy's Investindustrial. Aston Martin Holdings Ltd expects a return to prof... February 16, 2017 565 Category: Kuwait
Social Media Shows Women Involved In A Brawl A video clip posted on the social media shows women involved in a brawl exchanging indecent words, reports Al-Anba daily. It is not known if the women, both driving expensive cars have filed complaint... February 06, 2017 791 Category: Crime News
Flights To India To Become More Expensive India’s government plans to change the way it allocates capacity to foreign airlines from a state-negotiated method to an auction process to protect domestic carriers from overseas competition, ... December 28, 2015 2382 Category: Kuwait