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Rain Is Expected On Sunday According to meteorologist Muhammad Karam, the country will have scattered light rain on Sunday. The rain could be thundery at times, and moderate northwest winds of 15 to 35 kilometers per hour are f... March 13, 2022 253 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Significant Temperature Drop Expected On Monday 21st A significant drop; in temperature is expected to affect the country in this coming Monday, December 21, Astronomer Adel Al-Marzouq said. The daytime temperature will range from 14 to 16 degrees Celsi... December 17, 2020 852 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Dusty Winds And Rain Expected Today There is an opportunity for sporadic rains, and possible thunderstorms at times, according to the Meteorological Department. Wind activity is expected to increase in the coming hours with speeds likel... April 29, 2020 732 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Ramadan 2020 Expected To Fall On April 24 Daily fasts to be less than 15 hours; Eid to fall on May 24. Ibrahim Al Jarwan, Member of the Arab union for astronomy and Space sciences, said that April 24 will mark the beginning of Ramadan, &ld... April 14, 2020 1944 Category: Ramadan
‘Cold Wave To Continue Through The Week, Temp To Hit 3°C, Frost Formation Expected’ Kuwait Meteorological Department has announced that the country will witness a significant decrease in the minimum temperatures to less than 3 degrees Celsius, resulting in frost formation in agricult... January 15, 2020 1564 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Expected Unstable Weather With Chance Of Thunderstorms Kuwait is expected to encounter unstable weather with a chance for occasional thunderstorms along with sporadic rains, said the meteorological observer in the Kuwaiti Meteorological Department Abdulaz... November 26, 2019 399 Category: Weather in Kuwait
MPW Is Expected To Execute A Limited Reshuffling Minister of Public Works Dr Jinan Boushahri is expected to execute a limited reshuffling among a number of assistant undersecretaries of the ministry, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting informed sources. ... October 18, 2019 316 Category: Kuwait
Severe Winter Awaits Kuwait - Temperature Is Expected To Drop To 1°C A severe winter awaits Kuwaitis and residents, where the temperature is expected to drop to one degree Celsius, but despite the unpredictability rains will not be as much as last year that flooded the... October 03, 2019 14149 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Kuwait Desert Areas Expected To Hit 50 Degrees Between 2:00 Pm And 3:00 Pm In Coming Days Meteorologist Dr Adel Al-Saadoun has said the temperature in Kuwait’s desert areas is expected to hit 50 degrees between 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm in the coming days and an average temperature of 44 t... August 28, 2019 409 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Atmosphere At Kuwait Zoo Calm But Visitors Less Than Expected Due To High Summer Temperature The director of the Kuwait Zoo Nasser Al-Attiyah said he visited the zoo on the first day of Eid Al-Adha which attracted 2,000 visitors, and said the atmosphere was calm but the numbers were less than... August 14, 2019 361 Category: Kuwait
Temperature In Kuwait Is Expected To Hit 50 Degrees Today Head of Navigational Forecasting Department at Kuwait Meteorological Department Derar Al-Ali says the temperature in Kuwait is expected to reach 50 degree Centigrade on Monday, July 29, reports Al-Sey... July 29, 2019 885 Category: Kuwait
More Strict Rules Expected To Examine Expatriates Degrees Coming period is expected to see further procedures to verify the authenticity of expats’ degrees in cooperation with professional societies as well as the higher education ministry, local media... July 16, 2019 2355 Category: Kuwait
Equal Number Of Kuwaitis And Expats Expected After 5 Years For decades, Kuwait has been a popular destination for expatriate workers, especially oil and gas professionals but job security seems to be disappearing for the time being”, said a British webs... July 02, 2019 640 Category: Expats
‘Kuwait’s Retail Sector Expected To Witness Strong Growth In Second Half Of This Year’ Kuwait’s retail sector is expected to witness strong growth in the second half of this year, despite the fluctuation in consumer behavior and changes in policies that may affect sales, particula... June 03, 2019 343 Category: Business
Around 228,000 Citizens And Expatriates Are Expected To Travel During The Eid Holidays Director of Engineering Department in the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) Engr Saleh Al- Fadaghi, who also heads the operation of Terminal Four (T4), said around 228,000 citizens and expa... June 03, 2019 290 Category: Kuwait
Private Wealth In Middle East And Africa Is Expected To Grow By 6 Percent Per Year Until 2023 A report issued by the global consulting firm Oliver Wyman and Deutsche Bank shows the total wealth of ‘millionaires’ exceeded $70 trillion in 2018, reports Al-Rai daily. The private we... May 29, 2019 322 Category: Business
Kuwaiti Oil At Around $50 To 60 Pb In the first half of 2019, the price of oil is expected to reach $55 to 65 per barrel (pb) with Kuwaiti oil at around $50 to 60 pb, said an analyst Tuesday. Speaking to KUNA, Mohammad Al-Shatti &nd... January 16, 2019 405 Category: Business
Kuwait Caution Against A Cold Wave ,The Temperature Is Expected To Reach Zero The astronomical expert Adel Marzouq called for caution against a cold wave in the country due to the blowing of the northern winds that are between moderate and light sometimes active, and after that... December 24, 2018 1765 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Govt Agencies Expected To Deposit Money In Banks The local banks have received official hints that some government agencies may deposit their money in the banking system soon; saying the most prominent among them is the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation ... December 18, 2018 605 Category: Business
Light To Moderate Rain Expected From Wednesday Meteorologist Abdul Aziz Al-Qarawi stressed that the rain forecast for Wednesday evening through Friday morning will be light to moderate, and there is no need to warn about it except for regular prec... December 04, 2018 358 Category: Weather in Kuwait
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