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Exemption From Rents For The Branches Invested In Cooperatives In 4 Stages The Ministry of Social Affairs announced its plan to exempt initiators owners of branches invested in cooperative societies from the monthly rental value, according to 4 stages. The Undersecretary ... September 27, 2020 444 Category: Information
Around 3,500 Apply Exemption From Work In MoH  Director of the Ahmadi Health Region and Chairman of the Committee on Medical Reports for Workers at the Ministry of Health, Dr Ahmad Al- Shatti, revealed that the committee has reviewed request... September 14, 2020 1327 Category: Health
Health Fee Exemption For ‘bedouns’ Extended The Ministry of Health has extended the exemption for Bedouns, whose security cards have expired, from paying health services fees in public hospitals and health centers until the end of December, rep... September 10, 2020 538 Category: Health
Exemptions To Over-60 Bill? The decision not to renew the residence permit of workers who have reached the age of 60 and above has come to the fore again with the spread of an audio recording that talks of exclusion of groups am... September 03, 2020 1381 Category: Kuwait
Panel Conditions Demographic Exemptions The parliamentary Human Resources Development Committee continued discussions on the bill about remedying the demographic imbalance with representatives of the concerned authorities; including the Pub... August 31, 2020 547 Category: Information
Kuwait, India Sign Deal – Mutual Exemption Of Entry Visas The agreement signed by the governments of Kuwait and India on the mutual exemption of entry visa for diplomatic, official and ‘special’ passports has been implemented from Feb 19, 2019 on... March 28, 2019 1063 Category: Kuwait
MOI Has Denied The Rumors Bout The Exemption Of Residency-law Violators From Paying Fines The Ministry of Interior has denied the rumors circulating on social media about the exemption of residency-law violators from paying fines. The ministry’s Public Relations and Security Media... February 04, 2019 292 Category: Kuwait
CSC Nods Exemption Of Expat Preachers And Muezzins From Kuwaitization The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, Daoud Al-Assousi was recently quoted as saying the Civil Service Commission (CSC) has given the nod to exempt expatriate imams, preache... December 04, 2018 345 Category: Kuwait
Exemption From Salary To Apply For Driving License Apologies if this is repeated. I tried searching your archives guess I didn’t do a good job searching. My question is quite simple. I am an accountant, the same is mentioned in my Iqama, I ea... October 02, 2018 2329 Category: Driving License
Exemption Of Minimum Salary For Designations To Obtain Dependent Visa I would like to be clear on the criteria and minimum salary required to acquire dependant visa for my spouse. The salary I receive from my company is KD 454 per month but in my work permit they have m... September 08, 2018 1757 Category: Dependent Visa
Conditions Required To Obtain Driving License I always appreciate the work of the Arab Times Legal clinic. I have the following queries about the driving license. 1. What are the conditions for getting a driving license ? 2. Currently my visa sta... May 16, 2018 2360 Category: Driving License
Driving License Cancellation On Designation Basis Hi! I just want to know if my driving licence will be cancelled if I change my profession. I was a phlebotomist in the hospital laboratory earning KD 335. Now I will move to a new company as laborator... April 25, 2018 1801 Category: Driving License
Judiciary Administration On All Administration Decisions MP Al-Humaidhi Al- Subai’e affirmed that calls to impose control of the judiciary administration on all administration decisions without exemption such as issues related to citizenship, administ... April 17, 2018 425 Category: Kuwait
Fear Of Loosing Driving License If NOC Not Granted From Kuwait Society Of Engineers I am a civil engineer and my licence will expire in November 2018 and visa needs to be renewed before May 23, 2018. As per new engineer visa renewal if I do not get NOC from Kuwait Society of Engineer... April 10, 2018 1911 Category: Driving License
MP Saleh Ashour Affirmed The Constitutionality Of Imposing Tax On Expat Remittances Rapporteur of Financial and Economic Affairs Committee in the Parliament MP Saleh Ashour has affirmed the constitutionality of the proposal to impose tax or fees on expatriates’ remittances, sim... March 29, 2018 456 Category: Kuwait
Delivering Child In Kuwait - Husband On Visit Visa I have 2 questions, one is regarding my delivery in Kuwait and also about sponsoring my child’s residence. I work with the Kuwait University (Ministry of Education) and earn a salary of KD 565. ... March 20, 2018 1602 Category: Visit Visa
Skilled Filipino Workers Met With Their Countrys Labor Officials To Appeal For Exemption From Ban To Kuwait Skilled Filipino workers met with their country’s labor officials Tuesday to appeal for exemption from the total deployment ban to Kuwait. According to the Coalition of Licensed Agencies for Dom... February 21, 2018 645 Category: Kuwait
Driving License For An Engineer I have been working as a Civil Engineer in Kuwait for almost 3 years. In my work permit, designation is mentioned as Civil Engineer and I have a valid Engineering degree. But my salary is KD 500 only.... February 03, 2018 2017 Category: Driving License
Court Of Cassation Has Laid Down A New Principle The Court of Cassation has laid down a new principle with a recent ruling ordering the Ministry of Finance to refund extra KD 10 per square/meter of plot collected from land owners based on Law No. 8/... January 14, 2018 745 Category: Crime News
Driving License - Change In Designation Kindly advice, I have a driving licence which is blocked now due to designation change. The license was issued based on designation ‘computer engineer’ but after getting license I got job ... November 20, 2017 986 Category: Driving License
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