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Quaratine Procedure In India For Returnees Through Evacuation Flights What to Expect When you are Travelling Through Evacuation Flight to India Once your flight ticket is confirmed, reach the airport at least 4 hours prior to departure They will check the temper... May 12, 2020 3958 Category: India
Evacuation Of Egyptian Residence Violators To Continue In Lock Down The Egyptian Ambassador to Kuwait, Tariq Al-Qouni, affirmed the evacuation of Egyptians from the shelters will be non-stop even during the total lockdown which will be done in cooperation with the Kuw... May 10, 2020 740 Category: Lockdown
22 Returnees To The Quarantines On The Last Day Of The Fourth Stage Of Evacuation Informed sources revealed to Al-Rai that 22 cases of returnees  were transferred from abroad during the last day of the fourth stage to the institutional quarries, 11 cases to stone in the Crown ... May 04, 2020 676 Category: Coronavirus
Expats Leave Kuwait As DGCA Receive Airlines Request For Evacuation As the general administration of Civil Aviation (GDCA) started approving airlines request to operate from Kuwait for evacuation of people from Kuwait around 726 expats leave for various countries from... April 11, 2020 2048 Category: Expats
Evacuation Of Bachelors From 119 Houses The campaign titled “bachelor eviction”, which kicked off in July 2019, has resulted in the evacuation of bachelors from 119 houses after warnings were issued to the owners of these houses... August 05, 2019 383 Category: Crime News
Exxon Staff Evacuation From Iraq Faulted Exxon Mobil’s decision to evacuate its foreign staff from the West Qurna 1 oilfield in southern Iraq on Saturday was “unacceptable and unjustified”, Iraq’s Oil Minister Thamer ... May 20, 2019 924 Category: International
US Forces Deploy Aero-medical Evacuation Copters In Kuwait The US forces based in Kuwait recently revealed that they have started, for the first time, the deployment and conduct of training exercises with air ambulances and evacuation military helicopter &lsq... January 04, 2019 416 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Calls For Enhanced UNSC Role Towards Global Peace, Security State of Kuwait said Tuesday UN Security Council's (UNSC) role could be enhanced to enable it carry out its responsibility in line with the UN Charter. UN member countries' contributions to... February 07, 2018 579 Category: Kuwait
INDONESIA VOLCANO - MOUNT AGUNG ERUPTION CLOSES BALIS MAIN AIRPORT Volcanic eruptions from Mount Agung on the Indonesian resort island of Bali have forced the closure of the island’s main airport, and the evacuation of thousands of residents living in the islan... November 27, 2017 789 Category: International
No.of Domestic Workers In Kuwait Including Servants And Drivers Has Reached 700,000 Professor of Administration and Finance at Kuwait University Dr Yousef Al-Mutairi revealed that the number of domestic workers in Kuwait including servants and drivers has reached 700,000, indicating ... September 15, 2017 803 Category: Kuwait
Avenues Management Conduct An Evacuation Drill The Avenues Management conduct an evacuation drill today as a part of its safety and security exercises. SOURCE : AYMANMAT ... May 16, 2017 854 Category: Crime News
Pakistan International Airlines Admits Taking Extra Passengers In Aisle The passengers were allowed on the 20 January flight to Medina despite every seat being filled, the airline said. Details of the flight have only emerged now because of extensive investigations by Da... February 25, 2017 2963 Category: International
Kuwait Warns Citizens In California Over Oroville Dam Collapse General Consulate in Los Angeles advised Kuwaitis in to follow local instructions issued to avoid the dangers of the possible collapse of Dam, north of the state.In a statement released late... February 14, 2017 587 Category: Kuwait
Increasing Expenses Of Expats Affect The Real Estate Sector The increasing negative attitude of some MPs concerning expatriates in terms of increasing their expenses will affect the real-estate sector of the country very badly especially the investment and com... January 19, 2017 1691 Category: Kuwait
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