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The Prime Minister: The Corona Crisis Has Not Ended ... And Failure To Adhere To Health Requirements Means An Escalation Of The Epidemic His Highness Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, Prime Minister, said that the government has succeeded, thanks to God, in devoting all efforts to confront the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, indi... October 20, 2020 485 Category: Coronavirus
Oil Jumps With Escalation Of Tension In Gulf WITH the news of USA-Iran tensions, oil prices have jumped to above $69 per barrel, raising speculations of how high the oil price will reach or when the tension will cease in the oil-rich region that... January 05, 2020 1103 Category: Business
Kuwait, UK Concerned On Escalation The visiting Kuwaiti Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Al- Jarallah on Thursday said escalation in the Arabian Gulf between the United States of America and Iran constitutes a “source of concern fo... July 05, 2019 300 Category: International
Experts Warn Strongly About Fears Of Continued US Escalation Against Iran As the prospect of imminent military confrontation between America and Iran mounts, and the beating of the drums of war in the region are heard from a distance, questions are increasing about what is ... May 13, 2019 474 Category: Kuwait
India Airstrikes In Pakistan Raise Fears Of Escalation Tensions escalated sharply on the Asian subcontinent Tuesday with nuclear-armed neighbors Pakistan and India trading accusations and warnings after a pre-dawn airstrike by India that New Delhi said ta... February 27, 2019 286 Category: International
Speaker Vows Response To Philippines Escalation “Procedures taken by the Embassy of the Philippines in Kuwait are in violation of the international law particularly the Vienna Convention. Therefore, decisive and deterrent actions against thes... April 23, 2018 690 Category: Kuwait
UNSC Permanent Members Should Not Use Veto In Case Of Atrocities Kuwait Representative to the United Nations said the recent events had proven, ever more starkly, that the use of the veto by permanent members of the Security Council should be prohibited "in ca... April 14, 2018 521 Category: Kuwait
Saudi Forces Intercepted Seven Yemeni Rebel Missiles Saudi forces intercepted seven Yemeni rebel missiles on Sunday, including over the capital Riyadh, in a deadly escalation on the eve of the third anniversary of the Saudi-led coalition’s interve... March 27, 2018 481 Category: Kuwait
Iraq Won't Be Springboard For Military Action Against Regional Countries Iraqi President Fuad Masum emphasized Monday that his country would not be a launch pad for any military action in the region.
Iraq would not be a part or even a place for any confrontation in the r... November 21, 2017 980 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Welcomes Iraqi Government Officials Which Aims At Dismissing False Claims Over Khor Abdullah Kuwait welcomes statements of the Iraqi government officials which aimed at dismissing false claims over Khor Abdullah, an inlet between Kuwait and Iraq, Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Al-Jarallah sai... February 08, 2017 706 Category: Kuwait
Flaniova Claimed Huge Number Of Cases Of Abuse Of Filipino Workers In Kuwait In a new escalation to the issue of Filipino workers in Kuwait, Chairperson of Labor, and Human Resources Development Committee in the Philippines Parliament J. Flaniova claimed that there is a huge n... February 02, 2017 1729 Category: Kuwait
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