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3 Month Entry Visa Applicable Only To Business Visas, Not Family - MOI The Interior Ministry clarified last week's news about the start of three-month entry visas.In a media report, a MoI official clarified that the decision is only relevant to business visas. Kuwait... March 24, 2022 4523 Category: Kuwait
Corona Emergency Committee Approves Entry Visa For Private Medical Staff The Ministerial Committee for Corona Emergencies approved the request of the Federation of Private Hospital Companies regarding the issuance of Kuwait work visas for medical, nursing, administrative, ... June 16, 2021 1639 Category: Kuwait
48 Countries Exempt Kuwaitis From Entry Visa Recent official tables show that 48 countries across the world are exempting Kuwaitis from entry visas – 8 European, 14 Arab, 12 in the Americas, 7 Asian, 4 African and 3 in Oceania (Australia a... August 06, 2019 4333 Category: Kuwait
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