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136 Workers Abandoned By Employer, Left Without Electricity And Water. Workers from South Asia and Africa have been abandoned without water and electricity for two months at their camp in Mahboula. The group’s spokesman, Chengetai, stated that they were unattended ... August 21, 2020 1157 Category: Coronavirus
Will Temperature Checks Of Employees Make Workplaces Safe? Will temperature checks of employees make workplaces safe? No, not completely. They can help reduce the risk of COVID-19 infections but shouldn’t be the only safety measure employers take. Some ... June 02, 2020 1721 Category: Coronavirus
Employers May Be Able To Cut Salaries The Kuwait government is mulling an amendment to Article 28 of the Labor Law of the Private Sector (No. 6/2010), which does not permit employers to reduce the salaries of their workers, unless an agre... April 22, 2020 4914 Category: Kuwait
Employers Have To Receive User Code To Renew Visas Online The Ministry of Interior announced that company’s employer or the authorized signatory can visit a hall in the administration building in Al-Dajeej district to receive a user code and id to rene... April 21, 2020 1247 Category: Kuwait
Employers Have No Right To Fire Employees Due To Coronavirus , According To Article 41 Of The Labor Law KUWAIT: Many workers have lost their jobs since the country went on a coronavirus lockdown. As Kuwait imposed a partial curfew and closed its borders, airports and businesses and suspended schools, ma... April 08, 2020 2820 Category: Coronavirus
Employers Of Filipina Maid Charged With Murder Malacañang on Tuesday welcomed the filing of murder charges against the Kuwaiti employers of Filipino domestic worker Jeanelyn Villavende, according to the Philippines News Agency. Preside... January 29, 2020 1675 Category: Crime News
Hiring Children Below 15 Years Old Is Illegal Director of the Central Labor Inspection Department at the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) Mohammad Al-Ansari has warned that the department punishes employers and puts their files under Code 72 i... January 07, 2019 464 Category: Kuwait
Revoke Or Amend Sponsorship That Gives Employers Power Over Domestics Recommendations In light of the subjects covered in this study, and the survey of the opinions of the parties concerned with law No. (68/2015), from employers (sponsors) to domestic workers, in additi... December 14, 2018 275 Category: Kuwait
62.2 Pct Of Employers Unaware Of Law Regarding Domestic Workers 45 pct of employers do not allow domestic workers to go out on weekly day rest This is the second part of the report on Rights of Domestic Workers Between Legislative System and Enforcement through... December 11, 2018 432 Category: Kuwait
Employers File 9305 Absconding Reports Against Expats Via E-service Director of Public Relations Department of Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) and PAM spokesperson Asil Al-Meziad says the number of absconding reports filed by employers via the e-service is 9,305, ... October 26, 2018 313 Category: Kuwait
Employers Can File Absconding Case Through ‘As’hal’ Portal Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) disclosed that the Labor Relations Department has adopted an online method for filing absconding reports through the “As’hal” (Easy) portal for co... July 27, 2018 603 Category: Kuwait
PAM Adheres To Working In Sun Rules The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) continues to exert efforts in ensuring strict compliance with the executive regulations of Labor Law number 6/2010, such that employers operate in accordance wi... July 06, 2018 1220 Category: Kuwait
Give More Protection For Workers The Kuwaiti Society for Human Rights has called on the authorities to give more protection for workers, improve some legislative aspects of the Labor Law No. 6/2010 in the private sector, reports Al-R... May 03, 2018 642 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Expels Envoy Of Philippines - MPs Hail Move The Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry announced on Wednesday that it had notified the Philippine Ambassador Renato Villa that he is persona non-grata in the country asking him to return home in a week. The ... April 26, 2018 632 Category: Kuwait
KCCI Held A Roundtable Discussion In Collaboration With ILO In Beirut Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) held a roundtable discussion in collaboration with the International Labor Organization Regional Office in Beirut. The discussion revolved around suitabl... April 26, 2018 390 Category: Kuwait
MP Yousef Al-Fadhala Sent A Letter To Assembly To Investigate The Issue Of Smuggling Filipino Maids MP Yousef Al-Fadhala said he sent a letter to the National Assembly, requesting for Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee to be assigned to investigate the issue of smuggling Filipino maids, an... April 23, 2018 593 Category: Kuwait
Philippine Embassy In Kuwait Helps Workers Run Away Kuwait has protested to the Philippines following “serious offences” that included conducting operations to whisk domestic workers away from their employers’ homes in diplomatic vans... April 22, 2018 2977 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti Federation Of Home Office Employers Affirmed The Domestic Workers The Kuwaiti Federation of Home Office Employers affirmed the domestic workers crisis continues but there are no new demands for recruitment before Ramadan, reports Al- Rai daily. It added the ball ... April 15, 2018 675 Category: Kuwait
The Employers Of A Filipina Maid Found Dead In A Freezer In Kuwait Were Both Arrested The employers of a Filipina maid found dead in a freezer in Kuwait were both arrested in the Syrian capital Damascus, a Lebanese judicial official said on Saturday. Syrian authorities surrendered Nade... February 25, 2018 4470 Category: Kuwait
Cabinet’s Decision To Assign Al-Durra Manpower Company To Bring In Workers From New Countries The Cabinet’s decision to assign Al-Durra Manpower Company to bring in workers from new countries such as Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Nepal, and others will lower recruitment fees and ensure... February 23, 2018 2275 Category: Kuwait
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