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A Government Program To Limit The Russian-Ukrainian War's Effects As part of the government's efforts to minimize the impacts of the Russian-Ukrainian war, there is a trend to stabilize the costs of energy subsidies. According to a local Arabic daily, the com... March 16, 2022 187 Category: Information
Effects Of Corona Virus Lesser On Children Than Adults Pediatric and emergency medicine consultant Dr Marzouq Al-Azmi says the COVID-19 has lesser effect on children than on adults, reports Al-Anba daily. In a press statement, he explained that, when the ... April 21, 2020 548 Category: Coronavirus
Kuwait Is Not Far From Effects Of US-China Trade War Referring to the trade war between America and China which escalated with the two countries announcing the exchange of customs duties on goods, Mohammed Ramadan, an economist said “Kuwait is not... May 24, 2019 552 Category: Business
Effects Of Supplications It May Rain The US Protestant advocacy Templeton Baptist Foundation spent more than $7 million on a medical research under the supervision of Dr Herbert Benson, a cardiologist at the Mind and Body Center in Bosto... December 19, 2018 983 Category: article
Psychologists Warned On Social And Psychological Effects Of Child Abuse Psychologists and legal experts have warned on the social and psychological effects of child abuse on the family unit in particular and society in general, reports Al-Qabas daily. They pointed out ... December 11, 2018 352 Category: Crime News
Camping Delayed Due To Effects Of Stormy Weather Kuwait Municipality on Saturday announced the postponement of the start of the camping season until further notice from the Civil Defense Committee, which includes several governmental bodies includin... November 18, 2018 351 Category: Kuwait
Mergers, Effects Of Brass Merger has challenges. Usually in merger deals and agreements between big firms after the effects of legal, administration and financial procedures are ironed out – a process that is most of the... August 06, 2018 1248 Category: article
Major Rise In Assets Of Kuwait Investment Authority Assets managed by Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA), one of the world’s biggest sovereign wealth funds, have grown more than 34 percent over the past five years, Finance Minister Anas Al- Saleh ... September 27, 2017 701 Category: Kuwait
Union Has Warned About The Serious Effects Of Energy Drinks The Consumer Cooperative Societies Union has warned about the serious effects of energy drinks sold in cooperative societies due to the high sugar and sodium content. ; (adsbygoogle =... July 12, 2017 472 Category: Kuwait
Current mechanism encourages employers to exploit employees Current mechanism encourages employers to exploit employees Social Work Society is concerned about the negative effects of absconding cases fi led against expatriate personnel in general and domest... April 13, 2017 626 Category: Kuwait
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