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KISR Obtains Patent To Measure Dust Accumulation Effect  The Renewable Energy Program of the Energy and Building Research Center at the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research has obtained a patent issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Off... September 24, 2020 511 Category: Information
Academics Stress Rumors Harm Society’s Morale And Effect State Efforts During Coronavirus Lockdown Posting and circulating rumors and fake news in the time of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak could have a detrimental impact on people’s morale and effect the state’s ability to h... March 29, 2020 633 Category: Lockdown
Ban On Indonesian Maids To Middle East Still In Effect Ambassador of Indonesia to Kuwait Tri Tharyat said the ban on deploying domestic workers to the Middle East – a governmental decision issued in 2009 – remains in effect to guarantee their ... February 03, 2020 374 Category: Kuwait
Saudi Government Is Deporting Filipino Workers Between 35 to 55 Years Old Filipino workers in Saudi Arabia is fearful following the announcement of the government that they will no longer renew the residence permit of certain jobs. Jobs such Purchasing Officer, Debt Coll... May 16, 2019 1032 Category: International
Designation Change From Accountant To Senior Accountant – Will It Have Effect On Driving Licence I have changed my job from accountant to senior accountant. The same is mentioned in my inziamal from “muhasib” to “muhasib awwal altaqareer almaliya” Will this disallow me to ... November 20, 2018 530 Category: Driving License
Kuwait Postpones VAT Implementation The State of Kuwait is reportedly intending to postpone the implementation of the Value Added Tax (VAT) until further notice. Sources from the Ministry Finance confirmed the postponement without revea... December 27, 2017 719 Category: Crime News
MP Says Amended Labor Law In Private Sector Takes Effect The amended Private Sector Labor Law took effect after its publication in the official gazette on July 9, says MP Hamoud Al-Khodairi who proposed the amendment which was approved by the National Assem... July 11, 2017 448 Category: Kuwait
Decision To Ban Laborers From Working In Exposed Areas During Noon Hours Is Still Enforced The decision to ban laborers from working in exposed areas during noon hours is still enforced, said Deputy Director Manager of Kuwait Public Authority of Manpower Abdullah Al-Mutotah on Wednesday. He... July 06, 2017 622 Category: Kuwait
Husband On Temporary Residence Will It Effect Traveling Of Dependents I am currently working in a private company as a Sales Coordinator. My husband’s residence has expired legally but it has been temporarily extended for a period of 1 month, as per Article 14. ... November 12, 2016 7926 Category: Legal
DNA Sample Collection Law Takes Effect The DNA Sample Collection Law took effect Wednesday and three centers have been established for this purpose. Sources disclosed the general departments for Criminal Evidence, Citizenship and Passports... June 02, 2016 1240 Category: Kuwait
New Charges For Electricity And Water For Expats Will Take Effect From Sep 2017 The National Assembly yesterday overwhelmingly passed a law allowing the government to hike electricity and water charges for expatriates after completely excluding Kuwaiti citizens. The new charges w... April 27, 2016 1320 Category: Kuwait
Cyber Crime Will Come Into Effect On 12 January, 2016 Assistant Undersecretary for Criminal Security Affairs at the Ministry of Interior Major General Abdulhamid Al- Awadhi announced Sunday that cyber crime will come into effect on Jan 12, 2016. In a sta... December 28, 2015 2046 Category: Kuwait
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