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Education Terminates The Employment Of A "beggar" Teacher After being arrested by authorities, the Ministry of Education fired an expatriate chemistry instructor. According to a local Arabic newspaper, the arrest occurred when a resident noticed the woman... May 22, 2022 502 Category: Education
Kuwait Wants Closer Gulf Arab Ties In Education - Minister Kuwait's Education Minister, Dr Ali Al-Mudhaf, stated on Sunday that he was "hungry" for a deeper relationship with his Gulf Arab counterparts in order to implement a slew of education r... May 09, 2022 91 Category: Kuwait
Air Conditioning Is A Problem At 20% Of Government Schools Education sources bemoan what they call the air conditioning crisis in government schools, claiming that about 20% of schools are still experiencing issues with some air-conditioning units, with stude... April 09, 2022 142 Category: Kuwait
Education Minister Orders Investigation Into Law Violation During Lecture Kuwait University administration has been asked by the Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research Minister, Dr. Ali Al-Mudhaf, to form an investigation committee to determine if the doctor wh... April 06, 2022 129 Category: Education
Kuwait Asks UNESCO To Strengthen Efforts Of Global Partnership In Education Kuwait has urged the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to improve the global education partnership, emphasizing the need for a "better approach" to e... April 05, 2022 74 Category: Kuwait
Ramadan Exemptions From Work Are Canceled By Education On Sunday through Thursday after 9:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m., the Ministry of Education's Undersecretary, Dr. Ali Al-Yaqoub, stated all employees would work during Ramadan. As a result of the dec... March 30, 2022 550 Category: Ramadan
Education And Research Will Suffer If University Budgets Are Reduced Dr. Shamlan Al-Qinai, the head of the Kuwait University Faculty Members Organization, said the association had been told of a plan to cut the university's budget, and that any budget cuts would ha... March 21, 2022 155 Category: Education
Great Zoo To Be Set Up On 1.4 Mln Sqm The Economic Affairs Committee in the Council of Ministers discussed a letter of a proposal to follow up the government’s performance for the idea of an educational and entertainment project in ... February 02, 2022 141 Category: Kuwait
Education Cannot, Should Not Wait Several civil society organizations recently issued a joint statement expressing their angst at the deteriorating level of education in the country. Citing a recent study by the Ministry of Education,... January 29, 2022 341 Category: Education
‘Education’ Stresses On Adherence To Health Requirements The Ministry of Education has warned school administrations against the school canteens violating health protocols saying the school director will have to bear up to 1,000 dinars fine in the event of ... December 16, 2021 213 Category: Education
‘Education’ Denies It Uses School As Quarantine Facility The Ministry of Education has issued a statement to clarify what has been said in the video clip circulating in social media, that a government school is being used as a Covid-19 quarantine facility. ... November 25, 2021 178 Category: Education
Literacy And Educational Reforms In Kuwait With more than 96 percent of the adult population literate, Kuwait has a high literacy rate compared to both regional (79%) and global (86%) standards. Adult literacy rate is the percentage of the pop... October 23, 2021 199 Category: Education
‘Compatibility Between Outputs Of Education, Labor Market Vital’ Minister of Oil and Minister of Higher Education Dr. Muhammad Al-Fares stressed on Saturday the importance of compatibility between the outputs of education and the labor market to achieve the greates... October 17, 2021 403 Category: Kuwait
Education: The Operating Room Reports… Will Determine The Form Of The Study In November The operating rooms in the six educational areas monitor the indicators of the epidemiological situation in schools on a daily basis, monitor infected cases, if any, and contact, and inform the compet... October 10, 2021 299 Category: Education
Education Celebrates The Safe Return To School The Ministry of Education announced the organization of a celebration on the occasion of the safe return to school on Thursday and Friday from ten in the morning until ten in the evening. The Depar... September 30, 2021 187 Category: Education
Females Exceed Males While Kuwait University announced last Tuesday evening the names of 244 male and female students who are accepted into the faculties of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy, the names reveal female studen... July 29, 2021 372 Category: Kuwait
Education Sectors Ready For School Year To Begin As Of Sept All sectors of the Ministry of Education confirmed their readiness to start the school year next September through a wide range of procedures on receiving students despite current conditions and the o... July 27, 2021 621 Category: Kuwait
Education Undersecretary, Officials Discuss Matrix Of Science Curricula The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education, Dr. Ali Al- Yaqoub, discussed with the Assistant Undersecretary for General Education Osama Al-Sultan, the Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Res... July 14, 2021 248 Category: Education
Education Started The PCR Examination For The Twelfth Students The Ministry of Education put the test train on its paper track this morning, as schools designated to conduct the “PCR” examination began receiving students and conducting examinations fo... June 06, 2021 379 Category: Education
Kuwait University Talks About Education Reforms In Post Covid World Kuwait University is holding talks via video link this week in which international and local experts will examine how the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the education system, as global demand for o... May 24, 2021 456 Category: Education
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