News On Earthquake In Kuwait
Kuwaiti Experts Say No Earthquake Has Been Detected At the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, the National Seismological Network denied that an earthquake occurred on Thursday. The officials responded after unverified reports of an earthquake we... February 04, 2023 383 Category: Kuwait
3.3 Richter Scale Earthquake Recorded In Abdali Region Today, Tuesday afternoon, the Kuwait National Seismic Network of the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research KISR recorded an earthquake measuring 3.3 Richter in the southeast of Abdali. At exactl... September 20, 2022 242 Category: Kuwait
Earthquake Strikes Kuwait Kuwait was struck by a magnitude 5 earthquake on Saturday, the ministry of information tweeted. A 5.8 magnitude earthquake was recorded by Kuwait's National Seismic Network. The ministry said &... June 04, 2022 3026 Category: Kuwait
Residents Felt Earthquake Saturday Early Morning Residents of a number of areas in Kuwait felt an earthquake early morning on Saturday. According to report, number of residents confirmed that they felt the tremor that hit western of Iran. The ... October 09, 2021 739 Category: Kuwait
Residents felt earthquake in Kuwait Monday early morning An earthquake was felt by many residents of Kuwait Monday early morning. The Seismological Center of the Geophysical Institute at Tehran University announced that an earthquake measuring 5.7 on the... October 04, 2021 1234 Category: Kuwait
Tremors Felt In Coastal Areas This morning, people living in coastal areas felt a slight tremor, at 5.33 am. Meanwhile, Al-Qabas daily quoting the Iraqi media and earthquake monitoring sites on the Internet said several tremors we... October 02, 2021 533 Category: Kuwait
Residents Felt Earthquake In Kuwait A number of residents felt an earthquake in various parts of Kuwait today morning by around 11:30. According to sources, an earthquake of 5.5-magnitude struck southern Iran and was felt by resident... August 02, 2021 1463 Category: Kuwait
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