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Philippines Earthquake Kills Five And Injures 130 Five people died and 130 were injured after a powerful earthquake struck the northern Philippines on Wednesday. A 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck northern Luzon, the country's most populous isl... July 28, 2022 272 Category: International
Ahmadi Residents Felt An Earthquake Many citizens and residents felt an earthquake early on Saturday morning around the nation, mostly in the Ahmedi area. The Kuwait National Seismological Network reports that at 2:36 am on Saturday, a ... July 16, 2022 588 Category: Kuwait
An Earthquake Of 5.7 Magnitude Hits Iran, Causing Tremors In The United Arab Emirates After an earthquake of a magnitude of 5.7 rocked Iran on Saturday morning, some UAE citizens reported experiencing vibrations. Iran was slammed by an earthquake at 7:37 a.m. local time, according to t... June 25, 2022 353 Category: International
The Earthquake Did Not Affect KOC's Production Facilities Kuwait Petroleum Company said oil and gas production was unaffected by the earthquake that hit the country and that it would continue as usual. An oil company told the media that all of its oil fac... June 04, 2022 306 Category: Business
Authorities Confirm No Damage Was Caused By The Earthquake After the early morning earthquake that occurred in Kuwait on Saturday, the Kuwait Fire Force's operations department announced that no damage had been reported. Public Relations and Media of t... June 04, 2022 319 Category: Kuwait
Earthquake Strikes Kuwait Kuwait was struck by a magnitude 5 earthquake on Saturday, the ministry of information tweeted. A 5.8 magnitude earthquake was recorded by Kuwait's National Seismic Network. The ministry said &... June 04, 2022 2753 Category: Kuwait
4.9-magnitude Earthquake Strikes Kayseri In Turkey The Turkish Emergency and Disaster Management Presidency said today, Tuesday, that an earthquake measuring 4.9 was recorded on the Richter scale in the central Turkish province of Kayseri in the Sari ... January 18, 2022 159 Category: International
Magnitude 7.4 Indonesian Earthquake Rattles Residents, One Injured A powerful 7.4-magnitude earthquake struck eastern Indonesia on Tuesday triggering a tsunami warning and sending residents fleeing from their homes but causing only minor damage and injuring one perso... December 14, 2021 178 Category: International
Another Earthquake Hits Iran; No Effect Felt In UAE The National Center of Meteorology, on Monday recorded an earthquake measuring 4.2 on the Richter scale in southern Iran at 11:44am according to the local time of the UAE. The NCM confirmed in a st... November 15, 2021 200 Category: International
Residents Felt Earthquake Saturday Early Morning Residents of a number of areas in Kuwait felt an earthquake early morning on Saturday. According to report, number of residents confirmed that they felt the tremor that hit western of Iran. The ... October 09, 2021 709 Category: Kuwait
Pakistan: At Least 20 Killed In Earthquake The earthquake with a magnitude of 5.7 struck in the early hours of Thursday while people were sleeping. At least 20 people were killed and more than 200 injured when an earthquake struck southern ... October 07, 2021 809 Category: International
Residents felt earthquake in Kuwait Monday early morning An earthquake was felt by many residents of Kuwait Monday early morning. The Seismological Center of the Geophysical Institute at Tehran University announced that an earthquake measuring 5.7 on the... October 04, 2021 1209 Category: Kuwait
Tremors Felt In Coastal Areas This morning, people living in coastal areas felt a slight tremor, at 5.33 am. Meanwhile, Al-Qabas daily quoting the Iraqi media and earthquake monitoring sites on the Internet said several tremors we... October 02, 2021 513 Category: Kuwait
The National Seismological Network Records An Earthquake In Al-Rawdatain Today, Saturday, the Kuwait National Seismological Network at the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research recorded an earthquake measuring 3.1 on the Richter scale northeast of Kuwait in the Al-Rawda... September 18, 2021 408 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait:The National Network Monitors An Earthquake In Manaqeesh Area Dr. Abdullah Al-Enezi, supervisor of the Kuwait National Network for Seismic Monitoring at the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, revealed that the network recorded today, Monday, an earthquake... August 23, 2021 744 Category: Kuwait
‘Earthquakes’ In Kuwait Have Nothing To Do With Oil Drilling Researcher and geologist, Dr Mubarak Al-Hajri, has called on the authorities concerned with monitoring and following up on earthquakes, to conduct research to understand and study the causes that lead... August 05, 2021 465 Category: Kuwait
Residents Felt Earthquake In Kuwait A number of residents felt an earthquake in various parts of Kuwait today morning by around 11:30. According to sources, an earthquake of 5.5-magnitude struck southern Iran and was felt by resident... August 02, 2021 1335 Category: Kuwait
Earthquake Hits Iran, Tremors Felt In Kuwait We are receiving unverified early reports of seismic activity in or near Al Ahmadi, Al Aḩmadī, Kuwait on 18 Jul 2021 (GMT +3) at approximately 05:38PM There are no details yet on the magnitude or ... July 18, 2021 2727 Category: Kuwait
Indonesia: 6.1-magnitude Earthquake Strikes Eastern Coast A 6.1-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Indonesia’s Sulawesi island Saturday, the United States Geological Survey said, but no tsunami warning was issued and there were no immediate r... July 10, 2021 341 Category: International
Iran: A Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake Strikes The Northeast Of The Country Iranian authorities said today, Monday, that an earthquake measuring 5.5 on the Richter scale hit the (Sunkhost) region of the northern Khorasan province. The Iranian official news agency (IRNA) qu... May 17, 2021 385 Category: Information
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