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Cancer Center Not Closed During Holidays Director of Kuwait Center for Cancer Control Dr Ali Al-Mowasawi said the center will continue to provide service to cancer patients including the dispatching of medicines to patients who have appointm... January 13, 2020 255 Category: Kuwait
MPW Takes Precautionary Steps To Prevent ‘disasters’ During The Next Rainy Season The Ministry of Public Works (MPW) has taken precautionary measures in the Sabah Al-Ahmad city to prevent ‘disasters’ during the next rainy season, reports Annahar daily. The MPW is said t... October 06, 2019 214 Category: Kuwait
Total Milk Production During The Past Year Reached 392 Tons The Cattle Research Center of the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources in Sulaibiya is one of the most important research centers in the Gulf. It is located among 47 farms s... September 11, 2019 251 Category: Kuwait
Issue Of Fake Accounts And ‘Twitter Mafia’ Surfaced Again During The Cabinet Meeting The issue of fake accounts and ‘Twitter mafia’ surfaced again during the Cabinet meeting on Monday where the government discussed steps to pursue and confront them, especially in the midst... August 28, 2019 312 Category: Kuwait
Woman Marries Her Dog On Live TV During British Morning Show Viewers on morning show were left speechless when a 49-year-old guest Elizabeth Hoad “married” her golden retriever, Logan, live during the show. Hoad, who has had four failed engagements ... July 31, 2019 1211 Category: International
Termination From Job During Pregnancy I just want to ask for advice regarding my current situation in my company. I joined a company in June 2018 and I got pregnant during the month of November 2018. I already changed my visa to the compa... May 30, 2019 1534 Category: Termination
No Power Cut During Ramadan To Bachelor Homes The Ministry of Electricity and Water revealed that there has been no cut off of power supply to the homes of so-called bachelors during the Holy Month of Ramadan, the month of compassion, reports Al-... May 15, 2019 278 Category: Ramadan
Egyptian Breaking The Rules Of Fasting During Ramadan Ahmadi patrolmen have arrested an Egyptian for breaking the rules of fasting during Ramadan, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added, the man was caught by the Ahmadi police patrol smoking a cigarette a... May 13, 2019 1630 Category: Crime News
“breaking Fast During Ramadan For Kuwaitis Working Under The Sun Permissible;” A number of preachers explained that “breaking fast during Ramadan for Kuwaitis working under the sun, if fasting will harm them, is permissible;” explaining that “they should have p... May 08, 2019 1302 Category: Ramadan
1 Month Imprisonment And A Fine Of KD 100 For Eating In Public During Fasting Hours Director General of Public Relations and Security Information Brigadier-General Al-Kandari stated that his team will be on constant vigil during the holy month of Ramadan to implement the law to prohi... May 06, 2019 534 Category: Kuwait
Bid To Ease Overcrowding Of Expats In Cells And Deportation Center During Ramadan The Ministry of Interior intends to ease overcrowding of expatriates inside the cells in police stations and the Deportation Center before the holy month of Ramadan, enabling security units to launch ... April 17, 2019 277 Category: Crime News
Every Action Has Reaction A former academician and politician said during a lecture about 10 years ago to an audience who were pleased by what they heard from him when he said: “Four pounds of anthrax carried by a (guerr... April 14, 2019 325 Category: Opinion
Wanted Kuwaiti Arrested For Involvement In Financial Case A Kuwaiti citizen, who is wanted by law for his involvement in a financial case worth KD 900, has been arrested. According to security sources, a quarrel broke out between the citizen and a taxi drive... April 05, 2019 218 Category: Crime News
Brother Of Kuwaiti Murdered In Egypt During A Robbery Act Demands Justice Fahad Al-Reesh, brother of the Kuwaiti citizen Khaled Al-Reesh who was murdered in Egypt during a robbery act in his apartment in Jeeza Province, demanded Kuwait’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs an... March 19, 2019 521 Category: Crime News
More Than 421000 Passengers To Use Airport During National Holidays According to Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) figures, 421,140 passengers are expected to use Kuwait airport during the 10 days from Feb 21 to March 2, 2019. This includes 202,750 departin... February 24, 2019 417 Category: Kuwait
No Intention To Raise Support For Prices Of Oil Derivatives During The Next Phase The government does not intend to raise support for the prices of oil derivatives during the next phase, despite the efforts of financial reform adopted by the government during the past five years, w... January 28, 2019 277 Category: Business
Crime Rate,violence High During First Half Of 2018 Records show the phenomenon of violence in the Kuwaiti society has been on the rise during the first half of 2018 for which the state has yet to find a solution, reports Al-Rai daily. Giving the de... November 26, 2018 485 Category: Crime News
Interior Ministry Receives 20,027 Reports During Heavy Rainfall Days Kuwait’s Minister of Interior Undersecretary Lieutenant General Essam Al-Nahham announced on Saturday that the Ministry’s operations center received during the past few days, since outbrea... November 11, 2018 717 Category: Kuwait
Students Receive Social Allowance By Mistake – Professor Dies During Lecture A report released recently by the State Audit Bureau unveiled academic and administrative violations at Kuwait University, citing weak internal monitoring systems and procedures for payment of social ... November 07, 2018 452 Category: Kuwait
MoI Sacks Worker For Behaving Immorally With Girls During A Party Ministry of Interior has fired an employee of one of its security sectors after he was seen in a video that went viral on social media behaving immorally with girls during a party held at a livestock ... November 06, 2018 416 Category: Crime News
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