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Drop In Antarctic Sea Ice Records An Antarctic sea ice extent record low was reached last February, according to results of a new Chinese study. This is the second event of this kind in five years. Reports from a local Arabic daily... April 20, 2022 109 Category: International
Air Fares Drop 40% The Director-General of the Directorate- General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) Yousef Al- Fawzan said the prices of airline tickets have decreased since the beginning of this month, between 30 and 40 perce... November 04, 2021 1181 Category: Travel
Expatriate Remittances Drop By 22 Percent Remittances by expatriates in Kuwait to their countries decreased by 21.96 percent during the second quarter of this year, compared to the first quarter, from KD1.35 to KD1.056 billion dinars, while d... December 10, 2020 490 Category: Expats
30% Drop In India's Covid Cases In October India recorded a drop of almost 30% on both new infection and deaths due to covid-19 compared to previous months. Fresh infections as well as fatalities from the virus have been steadily falling in... November 01, 2020 430 Category: India
Temperature To Drop By Next Week; Rainy Season Begins In Early November Meteorologist Muhammad Karam expected that the temperature will drop at the end of the week, to drop below 40 degrees, with the maximum temperature during October ranging between 39 and 37 degrees Cel... September 29, 2020 640 Category: Weather in Kuwait
50% Drop In Sales Of School Supplies And Stationery With the repercussions of the COVID-19 crisis changing the various aspects of life in most countries around the world, the field of education also has its share. The new academic year has come in a ne... September 20, 2020 452 Category: Education
Temperatures To Drop Between 2°C To 0°C - Weather Experts Severe cold wave began yesterday and weather experts warned of temperature to decrease significantly, amid expectations that today it will be sever cold, and will continue until next Thursday reports ... February 11, 2020 549 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Terror Attacks Drop By 85% In A Decade In Pakistan Terror attacks in Pakistan plummeted by more than 85% over the past decade. It’s a welcome statistic for the country, but one that risks being overshadowed by international concern over its effo... January 31, 2020 389 Category: International
Severe Winter Awaits Kuwait - Temperature Is Expected To Drop To 1°C A severe winter awaits Kuwaitis and residents, where the temperature is expected to drop to one degree Celsius, but despite the unpredictability rains will not be as much as last year that flooded the... October 03, 2019 14072 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Heat To Drop In Kuwait After 2 Weeks Astronomer Adel Al-Saadoun said the summer season officially ended on Sept 23, but he indicated the weather in Kuwait is not committed to these dates as it will continue to be hot and humid until mid-... September 30, 2019 1709 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Expat Numbers May Drop By 1.5 Mln Over Next 7 Years Kuwait like its oil-producing counterparts, is trying to build a more diversified economy, but is also eyeing support for the national workforce, according to a wealth management company Endosius, rep... December 25, 2018 681 Category: Kuwait
Drop In Number Of Asian Workers In Public Sector - CSC Latest statistics issued by CSC reveal that 7,500 citizens joined the public sector since January 2018, majority of who are women, such that there are 6,000 women (47 percent) and 1,500 men (30 percen... October 12, 2018 714 Category: Business
Drop In Remittances Of Filipino Workers According to figures obtained from the Central Bank of the Philippines (BSP), cash remittances from Filipino workers in Kuwait and other countries of the Middle East dropped by an average of 15 percen... September 26, 2018 518 Category: Kuwait
Temperature Is Expected To Drop To 2-4 Degrees Celsius Over The Next Three Days In Kuwait Meteorologist Essa Ramadan said that the temperature is expected to drop to 2-4 degrees Celsius in desert areas over the next three days in Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and western UAE. ... December 08, 2016 11583 Category: Kuwait
Drop In Travel During The Holidays Due To Economic Situation Several airline officials as well as travel agencies attributed the drop of travel demand during the national holidays to the economic situation the country is going through due to falling oil prices,... February 17, 2016 1276 Category: Holidays in Kuwait
Temperature To Drop On Friday Ending 40 Day Cold Waves The weather will stabilize from tomorrow, only to mark the beginning of a 13 day cold wave, also known as Al-Naayem on Friday which can be extremely cold, accompanied by night frost in desert areas, s... January 13, 2016 3699 Category: Kuwait
Temperature Drop Below 2 Degrees Celsius, People Wear Winter Clothes,avoid Outings Astronomer Al-Marzouq warned citizens and expatriates to wear winter clothes to guard against severely cold weather the country is expected to observe in the coming days, adding the temperature is lik... January 05, 2016 13530 Category: Kuwait
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