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New Taxi Rules Effective from Oct 1st 2022 Acting Interior Minister Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled Al-Sabah gave orders to implement laws that organize the work of taxis in Kuwait effect on Oct 1st. Among the rules: 1- Setting working hours for ... August 28, 2022 1695 Category: Kuwait
There Were 18 Traffic Accidents In March; 675 In The Last Two Years According to statistics, 24 individuals were killed in various road incidents in Kuwait during the month of January this year. In February, 23 people died as a consequence of traffic accidents, while ... April 17, 2022 154 Category: Kuwait
Motorcyclists, ATV Drivers Cause Accidents On Roads Motorcyclists and ATV (all-terrain vehicle) drivers continue their dangerous activities in open and residential areas, on main roads and other locations, putting their lives and the lives of others in... February 14, 2022 439 Category: Kuwait
Drivers Must Adhere To Speed Limits On Traffic Signals Drivers must adhere to the respective speed limits at the traffic lights at road intersections even if the signal is green, MoI informed. The speed limits apply to various traffic intersections on maj... September 29, 2021 1829 Category: Kuwait
Union Working Hard To Regulate Delivery Market, Focus On Drivers’ Wages Kuwait Union of Delivery Companies Chairperson Ibrahim Abdullah Al-Tuwaijri confirmed that the union is working hard to regulate the delivery market; especially the wages of delivery drivers — r... September 06, 2021 207 Category: Kuwait
Reckless Drivers Arrested, Vehicles Confiscated Jahra governorate security men carried out a campaign against vehicles which were involved in reckless driving and disturbed peace of people from Saad Al Abdullah area. The security men laid a trap an... May 16, 2021 513 Category: Crime News
Wrong GTD Info-providers Face Penalty Informed sources at the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) revealed that there is a tendency to punish those who provide incorrect information about vehicle registration through the authority’s... February 17, 2021 288 Category: Kuwait
Drivers Urged To Be Cautious Due To Rain Kuwaiti nationals and residents were warned to exercise caution when driving due to rainy conditions in some areas of the country. Those in need of security or traffic-related assistance were urged... February 07, 2021 325 Category: New Rules
Expat Arrested For Collecting Money From Drivers The Directorate General of Public Relations and Security Media Department of the Interior Ministry said police have arrested an unidentified expatriate for collecting money from drivers behind the Min... November 22, 2020 1031 Category: Crime News
Increase In Maids & Drivers Running Away From Their Sponsors There is a noticeable increase in the number of domestic workers fleeing the homes of their employers (their sponsors) to work in various fields within the private sector due to the enormity of work a... October 14, 2020 1455 Category: Information
Kuwait Sees A Shortage Of Domestic Workers, Maids And Drivers Are A Necessity For Many Families For many Kuwaiti households, having a domestic helper is no longer a luxury but a necessity, like for those belonging to the ‘sandwich generation,’ individuals who find themselves attendin... October 12, 2020 1179 Category: Kuwait
Maids And Drivers A Basic Necessity For Most Of Kuwaiti Families Domestic workers are among the basic necessities of daily life in Kuwait, as most families depend on them to carry out the housework and take care of children or the elderly and other matters. However... October 12, 2020 669 Category: Kuwait
Taxis Back On Road … Drivers May Face Difficulties And Competition The taxis which have been collecting dust for over five months following the outbreak of the coronavirus were out on the streets of Kuwait in what appeared like a desperate attempt to get back to busi... July 29, 2020 870 Category: Information
Non-renewal Of Residencies For Drivers With Old-model Vehicles In a move aimed to control drivers in transportation companies, the Labor Department in Public Authority for Manpower has launched procedures to reject renewal of work permits for drivers of small veh... January 12, 2020 668 Category: Civil ID
Surprise Crackdown - 8 Reckless Drivers Arrested Security officers from the Khairan Police Station during a surprise crackdown have arrested eight young motorcyclists for causing traffic chaos by their reckless driving in the vicinity of the chalets... November 11, 2019 365 Category: Crime News
Flashing LED Billboards Cause Disturbance To Residents And Danger To Drivers Mai Al-Nakib ( is an associate professor of English and comparative literature at Kuwait University and author of the award-winning short story collection The Hidden Light of Objec... May 21, 2019 550 Category: Kuwait
Taxi Drivers Strike Report Denied - Ministry Of Interior Reports denied: The Interior Ministry has denied reports which talked about the airport taxi drivers going on strike, reports Al-Anba daily. The ‘rumors’ about taxi drivers at the airpo... August 19, 2018 570 Category: Crime News
Reckless Drivers Arrested And Seized Their Vehicles Ahmadi securitymen arrested nine reckless drivers and seized their vehicles during campaigns they launched in Ahmadi Governorate against those who drive dangerously and perform stunts on public roads,... June 14, 2018 435 Category: Crime News
Drivers Visa Changed To Electricial Engineer – Driving License Got Cancelled I came to Kuwait in Feb 2016 on driver visa and got my driving licence in May 2016 with salary KD 450. At that time I heard that, driving licence will be cancelled if I change designation within 2 yea... June 10, 2018 961 Category: Driving License
Reckless Drivers Arrested In Riqqa And Rahiya Areas Ahmadi and Jahra securitymen launched campaigns against reckless drivers in Riqqa and Rahiya areas which resulted in the arrest of ten individuals whose vehicles were seized, says Al-Seyassah. Accordi... May 29, 2018 425 Category: Crime News
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