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Bullet Downs ‘drifter’ In response to what was published by Al-Rai daily that a police officer working for the General Security Department had shot and killed a young ‘reckless’ motorist with a bullet to the che... September 02, 2021 286 Category: Crime News
End Drifting And Speeding On Roads The Undersecretary for Traffic Operations at the Ministry of Interior Major-General Jamal Al-Sayegh has given instructions to the traffic patrols to put an end to the phenomenon of recklessness and sp... April 03, 2019 223 Category: Crime News
Cars Of New Year Drifting Revelers Seized Ahmadi Traffic Department launched traffic campaigns throughout the country yesterday morning with the aim of following up those who have been driving recklessly as part of New Year celebrations. I... January 09, 2019 1935 Category: Crime News
Adrenalin Junkies Take Drifting To Wafra Farms Due to campaigns launched by Public Security Sector against people who drive recklessly in residential areas and highways, a group of young men opted to drift and perform other dangerous stunts on roa... May 31, 2018 422 Category: Crime News
Traffic Officers Failed To Arrest A Stunt Motorist Traffic officers failed in their bid to arrest a stunt motorist caught driving his 4X4 on two wheels along Sabah Al-Nasser-Firdous Intersection. The officers arrived at the scene shortly after the Ope... December 25, 2017 609 Category: Crime News
15 Motorists Arrested For Reckless Driving, Cars Seized On the third consecutive day, officers from Ahmadi Security Directorate— in line with instructions from Assistant Undersecretary for Public Security Affairs in the Ministry of Interior, continue... September 01, 2017 567 Category: Driving License
Citizens Requested Traffic Department To Stop Practice Drifting And Perform Stunts On Roads A number of Kuwaiti citizens requested General Traffic Department to take necessary action for securing Mangaf area after several reckless drivers closed down main roads to practice drifting and perfo... April 10, 2017 743 Category: Crime News
Unknown Person Closed Road To Perform Stunts With Sports Car, Popularly Known As Zed-police Investigations have been launched to find an unknown individual who closed a road in Ahmadi Governorate to perform stunts with his sports car, popularly known as ‘Zed’, in a manner that po... March 17, 2017 595 Category: Crime News
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