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Vision 2035 A Dream For Every Kuwaiti – Public Sector Union Achieving Kuwait’s vision 2035 and developing the northern region of the country is a dream for every Kuwaiti, said a statement by public sector trade union Sunday. In the statement obtained ... May 27, 2019 328 Category: Business
‘Kuwait’s Vision 2035’ Dream There is a sensitive issue I prefer to discuss, but before I venture into the subject, I will relay one question asked by a friend at a social gathering. The question is mind-boggling but many people ... May 21, 2019 616 Category: Opinion
MoI Helped A 6 Year Old Kuwaiti Realize His Dream Of Flying In MoI Operations Chopper Humane gesture: MoI helps realize boy's dream The child, Hamad Thamer is sick with a chronic disease. Officers responded to his wish as part of MoI’s duties in community services. The c... January 16, 2016 2480 Category: Kuwait