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Coronavirus Cases Discovered In PAM Departments There was a spike in the number of coronavirus infected workers in the various departments of the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM), but this did not affect the workflow, reports Al Qabas daily.&nbs... August 06, 2020 564 Category: Coronavirus
Decayed Corpse Of An Unknown Individual Was Discovered On The Mangaf Coastal Area The decayed corpse of an unknown individual was discovered on the Mangaf coastal area. According to security sources, when the Operations Room of Ministry of Interior received information about the di... June 30, 2019 1199 Category: Crime News
MOH Has Discovered About 50 Fake Sick Leave Certificates Issued To The National Assembly Staff The Ministry of Health has discovered about 50 fake sick leave certificates issued to the National Assembly staff, reports Al-Qabas daily. According to informed sources, the fraud was discovered as... June 03, 2019 506 Category: Kuwait
Ancient Mosque Have Been Discovered On Failaka Island Remains of an ancient mosque have been discovered on Failaka island, one of several islands dotting Kuwait’s territorial waters. Agnieszka Binkowska, head of a Polish expedition of excavators... April 07, 2019 305 Category: Kuwait
New Case Of Human Trafficking Discovered The details of a new case of human trafficking, manipulation and registration of domestic labor files have been revealed to ensure the protection of unskilled citizens as well as the exploitation of f... February 20, 2019 292 Category: Kuwait
EPA Finds Ships Violating Docking Rules The Environment Public Authority (EPA) has uncovered violations in a number of ships docked on the tidal zone at Kuwait Bay in Doha Industrial Area which caused oil deposits in the soil, reports Al-Ra... December 25, 2018 262 Category: Crime News
Pakistani Expats Home Robbed Police are looking for an unidentified thief who broke into the home of a Pakistani and escaped with valuables and important documents belonging to a company where the victim works, reports Al-Rai dai... December 04, 2018 397 Category: Crime News
7500-year-old Temple City Discovered In Kuwait A team of archaeologist has discovered a 7500-year-old temple city in the Bahra 1 site, which is located in the northern coast of Kuwait Bay. Led by Professor Piotr Bielinski of the Polish Centre o... November 25, 2018 5823 Category: Kuwait
Gang Of Expat Discovered To Be Involved In The Forgery Of Revenue Stamps A gang of expatriates was discovered to be involved in the forgery of revenue stamps and sick leaves for which they charged money from their clients, reports Al-Rai daily quoting sources from the heal... October 23, 2018 498 Category: Crime News
Female Student Discovered Committed Cheating During An Examination Using Earphone In a strange and first-of-its-kind incident in Ministry of Education, a female student was discovered committing cheating during an examination using an earphone that was attached to her wig, reports ... May 27, 2018 657 Category: Crime News
Securitymen Nab Kuwaiti Man And A Woman For Drugs A Kuwaiti man and a woman, both in their 20s, were arrested in Salmiya area in possession of hashish, drug paraphernalia and a sensitive weighing scale. According to security sources, Private Task ... May 02, 2018 356 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Family Discovered To Be Of Syrian Nationality The Interior and Defense Committee of the National Assembly, has revealed the shocking truth about a Kuwaiti family, reports Al-Rai daily. According to the committee the family which holds the nationa... April 15, 2017 2347 Category: Kuwait
Immigration Detectives Have Discovered A Fake Company That Deals With Residencies Immigration Detectives have discovered a fake company that deals with residencies and work permits for money, the company owned by a Citizen residencies of 61 workers were recorded on the company, All... February 09, 2017 1280 Category: Crime News
Vehicle Stolen In Waha Area Was Found In City Fish Market A vehicle, which was reported as stolen in Waha area, was discovered in the parking area near the fish market in Capital area. According to security sources, Capital securitymen were patrolling Souk S... November 21, 2016 651 Category: Crime News
7,300 Years Old Human Fingerprint Discovered In Kuwait A joint team of excavators discovered a 7,300 years old human fingerprint - the earliest in the Near East region, in Al-Sabiyya area, north Kuwait. The fingerprint was found on a piece of broken ... November 19, 2016 949 Category: Information
Kuwait Discovered A New Oil Field Kuwait has made a new discovery of light crude in the western part of the country, which the Kuwait Oil Company said would consolidate the OPEC member country's position as a main oil producer. ... March 25, 2016 2240 Category: Kuwait
Expired Goods Worth KD 900,000 Discovered In Cooperative Societies Department of Cooperative Societies Inspections of Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor discovered expired goods worth KD 900,000 in one of the cooperative societies, reports Aljarida daily quoting in... March 24, 2016 1275 Category: Kuwait
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