News On deportees
Expats To Be Deported Only Through Deportation Center In a move to prevent deportees from re-entering Kuwait, the Ministry of Interior issued strict instruction at end of last week stipulating to refer deportees to deportation center and should take fing... November 04, 2019 1469 Category: Crime News
Decline In Number Of Deportees in Kuwait There has been a steady decline in the number of deportees after 2016 when 31,000 foreigners were sent back home for legal violations. Those deported earlier were either staying illegally in the count... May 23, 2019 277 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Man, Ethiopian Woman Flee Deportation Camp In the aftermath of events that made it possible for an Egyptian man and an Ethiopian woman to escape from a bus transporting deportees to the airport, Assistant Undersecretary for Correctional Instit... October 25, 2017 600 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Airport Fingerprint Scans Exposed 68 Deportees In April 2017 The Interior Ministry’s Relations and Security Information Department said passenger traffic through the airport during April 2017 reached 941,248 passengers. The number of Gulf nationals depart... May 11, 2017 1056 Category: Kuwait
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