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49 Asian Expats To Be Deported For Selling Foodstuff Unfit For Humans The security campaign headed by Major General Farraj Al-Zoubi from Farwaniya Security Directorate launched a campaign on makeshift markets in Jleeb Al Shuyoukh area in coordination with teams fro... September 11, 2021 687 Category: Crime News
Ministry Of Interior: 5679 Expatriates Were Deported During The First Half Of The Year The statistics issued by the Residency Affairs Sector, represented by the General Administration of Residency Affairs Investigations, showed that the administration was included during the period from... July 25, 2021 355 Category: Expats
About 8000 People Deported In The First Half Of 2021 The Ministry of Interior deported 7,808 residents from Kuwait during the first half of 2021. The General Administration of Relations and Security Media at the Ministry of Interior stated that the d... July 04, 2021 526 Category: Kuwait
635 Expats Deported For Carrying, Doing Drugs The Criminal Security Sector of the General Department for Drugs Control (GDDC) upon direct instructions from the Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Criminal Security Affairs, Ma... June 13, 2021 378 Category: Crime News
Around 7,000 Expats Deported In 5 Months For Drugs, Other Crimes The Drug Control General Department, which is affiliated to the Criminal Security Sector in the Interior Ministry, referred about 450 expatriates to the deportation prison from the beginning of 2021 u... June 09, 2021 256 Category: Crime News
Arab Driver Deported For Reversing His Vehicle On A Highway The General Traffic Department deported an Arab driver for intentionally reversing his vehicle on a highway. The General Traffic Department said the man was arrested after someone posted a video clip ... April 17, 2021 738 Category: Crime News
800,000 Residents Deported In Last 28 Years Parallel to the government plan to amend the demographics, joint efforts are concerted between the Ministry of the Interior and other concerned parties to rid the country of violators, suspicious elem... November 18, 2020 275 Category: Kuwait
Expatriate Deported For Driving Without A License During the last week of October 2020 the GTD issued 25,309 citations and referred 17 juveniles to the Traffic Court for driving without license. During the same week, an expatriate also caught driv... November 03, 2020 406 Category: Expats
13,000 Expatriates Deported In 10 Months It is estimated that 13,000 expats of all nationalities were deported to their countries since the beginning of the current year 2020, until 27 October, due to their involvement in criminal cases and ... October 29, 2020 506 Category: Expats
Lebanese Deported For Violating Public Morality  Lebanese news announcer has been deported from Kuwait for appearing in clips that violate public morals. Sazdel has been living in Kuwait for last 10 yrs.   COURSE: ARABTIMES KUWAIT&n... October 17, 2020 9823 Category: Crime News
Drunk Indian To Be Deported Director General of the Security Directorate of the Capital Governorate, Major General Abdeen Al-Abidin, has directed to refer an Indian expatriate to the deportation center and to add him in black li... October 14, 2020 1488 Category: Crime News
Asian Bootlegger To Be Deported  The Director-General of the Ahmadi Security Directorate, Major-General Saleh Matar has sent an unidentified Asian to the deportation center, reports Al-Anba daily. The daily added, the suspect w... September 23, 2020 1030 Category: Information
3 Africans To Be Deported For Inciting Maids To Flee From Sponsors A security source said the General Administration of Residence Affairs Investigation has referred three Africans to the deportation center, reports Al-Anba daily. They have been charged with inciting ... September 06, 2020 337 Category: Information
Asian Sneaks Into His Girlfriends (housemaid) House, Both To Be Deported Police have arrested an Asian for sneaking into the home of a Kuwaiti in Qortuba to meet his girlfriend who works as a housemaid. The lovers have been referred to the concerned authorities. Accordi... July 13, 2020 1786 Category: Crime News
4 Expats To Be Deported For Strolling On The Beach In The Night The Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for General Security Affairs Major General Farag Al-Zoghbi signed an approval to expel 4 expatriates due to their violation of the curfew impos... June 16, 2020 865 Category: Crime News
4 Kazakhstan Expats To Be Deported For Violating Curfew The official spokesperson, Director of Public Relations at the Public Authority for Manpower, Aseel Al-Mazyad, revealed in a statement to Al-Anb daily that teams carried out an inspection tour of 27 w... June 15, 2020 469 Category: Crime News
Egyptian To Be Deported For Instigating Workers To Escape From Isolated Area The General Administration of Criminal Investigation managed to arrest an Egyptian expat on charges of inciting the workers of a company to flee from the isolated area in Farwaniya against the decisio... June 02, 2020 1093 Category: Lockdown
Deportation For 26 Expats For Violating Residency Laws A number of fishermen were arrested for sleeping in boats and fishing vessels during a campaign organized by the Ministry of Interior (MOI) at the Souk Sharq. The head of the Joint Committee team, ... March 27, 2020 1405 Category: Expats
Expats Violating Home Quarantine Rule Will Be Deported The Ministry of Interior will start a security inspection campaign in various areas to heck the travel history of the expatriates and if they found violating the home quarantine rule will be send to d... March 13, 2020 1156 Category: Coronavirus
15 Domestic Workers To Be Deported Personnel from the General Administration of Residence Investigation Affairs have referred to the Deportation Center 15 domestic workers, reports Al-Anba daily. The daily added, all the arrested ar... February 13, 2020 188 Category: Crime News
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