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Two Bangladeshis Arrested For Practising Medical Profession With Fake Degrees Two Bangladeshi citizens have been arrested in Kuwait for practising the medical profession with fake university certificates, Kuwaiti media reported. Acting on a tipoff, Farwaniya police caught Ba... December 04, 2021 581 Category: Crime News
Field Visits To Evaluate ‘degrees’ Issued By 80 Turkish Universities The Kuwait Society of Engineers and the Turkish Embassy in Kuwait have agreed to organize academic trips for the Society’s Qualifications Assessment and Accreditation Committee, including field ... January 31, 2021 672 Category: Kuwait
Employees Degrees Taken Without Attending Classes Hold No Value  In response to decision to refuse the accreditation of academic certificates for employees who attained them without taking a study break and to consider attaining such certificates by virtue of... November 17, 2020 577 Category: Information
1.5 Million Expats With High School Degrees A government statistic, referred to the National Assembly, revealed that the number of expatriate workers with high school diplomas and below reached about one and a half million without counting dome... August 30, 2020 1597 Category: Expats
Hot Weather During The Day - Temperature Is 37 Degrees The meteorological department said that the weather today, Wednesday, will be hot during the day, and winds will fluctuate to light northwest to moderate speed 08-28 km / h. As for the night, it is... May 07, 2020 542 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Kuwait Teacher Sued Over Fake Academic Degrees A Kuwaiti teacher is facing legal measures over involvement in fake academic degrees. The Ministry of Higher Education discovered that the woman had managed to obtain three fake academic degrees fr... January 22, 2020 373 Category: Crime News
Forged Degrees On Decline The head of the Kuwaiti Lawyers Society (KLS), Shuraian Al- Shuraian has affirmed the association’s full belief in freedom of opinion and expression in the various “social media” sit... December 09, 2019 1724 Category: Kuwait
Forgery Of Engineering Degrees - 5 Indians And Syrian Sent To Prosecution The certificates accreditation mechanism implemented by Kuwait Engineers Society (KES) led to the discovery that six engineers – one Syrian and five Indians – forged their certificates, so... November 13, 2019 785 Category: Crime News
Degrees Of 20,000 Oil Sector Staff To Be Sent For Verification To MOHE The Ministry of Oil will send for authentication 20,000 certificates of employees working in the oil sector to the Ministry of Higher Education, reports Al-Rai daily quoting reliable sources. The s... May 21, 2019 1232 Category: Kuwait
Fake Universities & Degrees One of the ridiculous, ironic things practiced by the hardliners is the contradiction in their lives. They are always critical of the West, its culture and lifestyle and warn young people against foll... April 21, 2019 666 Category: Opinion
Doubt On Sergeants Degrees Obtained Form weak Universities Of Egypt In Last 5 years MP Ahmad Al-Fadhel has requested the Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Khalid Al-Jarrah to provide him the list of sergeants who have obtained Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate Degrees... April 04, 2019 275 Category: Kuwait
CSC Examines University Degrees Of All Employees The Civil Service Commission (CSC), in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education, has formed a team to run a check on university degrees of all employees who work for the government establishm... December 31, 2018 703 Category: Kuwait
Teachers With Fake Degrees Face The Law Assistant Undersecretary for Private and Quality Education Dr Abdulmuhsen Al-Huwailah has warned that private school teachers found to be holding fake certificates will be referred to the Public Prose... October 24, 2018 628 Category: Kuwait
Debate Arises Over Degrees Of 1,400 Engineers There have been angry reactions from the parliamentarians and several government agencies to a statement issued yesterday by Engr Faisal Duwaih Alatel, Chairman of Kuwait Society of Engineers (KSE) th... October 09, 2018 349 Category: Kuwait
MoH To Review Degrees Of Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists And Technicians Health sources confirmed the validity of certificates after they were put under the microscope of the committee set up by the Minister of Health Dr Bassel Al-Sabah which is chaired by the Undersecreta... October 09, 2018 1079 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait’s Cultural Attaches Join Anti-fake Degrees War The cultural attachés of Kuwait in various countries launched a number of procedures with the aim of confronting the phenomenon of fake certificates and preserving public funds with the coopera... September 09, 2018 723 Category: Kuwait
Forged Degrees With 4 Husbands And Wives Of One Kuwaiti Family During a search and investigation operation, personnel from the Criminal Investigations Department discovered four Kuwaitis and their wives (members of just one family) were in possession of forged or... September 06, 2018 473 Category: Crime News
Forged Degrees, Corruption As life in Kuwait took a new dimension in terms of growth and expansion, corruption also grew side by side just like many other countries. No country in the world can claim it is free from corrupti... August 08, 2018 1691 Category: Article
CSC In A Move To Deal With Fake Degrees Issue As part of ongoing efforts to track down those behind the fake credentials scandal and to protect public funds, Director of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) Ahmad Al-Jassar issued a circular requiri... August 07, 2018 464 Category: Kuwait
MP Urges Bachelor’s And Higher Degrees Checks Of Kuwaitis And Expatriates MP Saleh Ashour has called on all concerned officials in ministries to review the credentials – bachelor’s and higher degrees – of Kuwaitis and expatriates occupying leadership posts... August 07, 2018 791 Category: Kuwait
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