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Death Penalty Upheld Against Egyptian For Killing Sponsor Kuwait’s Court of Appeals has upheld the death sentence issued earlier by a lower court against an Egyptian man after he was found guilty of premeditated murder of his Kuwaiti sponsor, local med... December 28, 2021 558 Category: Crime News
Death Penalty Sought In Kuwaiti Doctor, Nephew Family Row In a heinous crime, a Kuwaiti doctor working at the College of Medicine at the Kuwait University stands accused of assaulting his nephew with a dumbbell, the type used by body-builders inside a gym. T... May 26, 2021 1022 Category: Crime News
Death Penalty Upheld For A Kuwaiti The Cassation Court, headed by Counselor Ahmad Al-Ajil, has upheld the capital punishment for a Kuwaiti. The man was found guilty of killing his cousin when they were camping in Mina Abdullah early la... May 24, 2021 382 Category: Crime News
Death Penalty Sought As Suspect Says Did Not Kidnap, Kill Woman About 21 days after the heinous crime that shook the Kuwaiti street and left great reverberations in the Arab street, the Criminal Court held the first trial session in the case related to the gruesom... May 12, 2021 580 Category: Crime News
Mosque Bombing - Death Sentence Uphold Kuwait’s appeals court Sunday upheld the death penalty for the main organiser of the bombing of a Shiite mosque claimed by the Islamic State group that killed 26 people. The court however reduce... December 14, 2015 1979 Category: Kuwait
Court Revertback Death Penalty Against 2 People In Murder Case  The Court of Appeals presided over by Justice Najeeb Al-Mulla overturned the death penalty slapped on two people accused of premeditated murder. The two defendants were sentenced by the First In... September 20, 2015 1401 Category: Kuwait
Ethiopian Maid Who Stabbed Sponsor Daughter Gets Death Penalty The court of cassation upheld the death sentence for an Ethiopian maid accused of murdering citizen Seham Humoud Flaiteh. The case drew national attention in March of last year when the domestic worke... September 18, 2015 1832 Category: Kuwait
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