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Only 400 Illegal Residents Utilized The Amnesty Period Till Date Only 400 illegal residents had came forward to utilize the deadline given by Kuwait to rectify their residency status till date. According to Al-Rai daily, out of about 130,000 violators, only 400 ... December 09, 2020 434 Category: Kuwait
Ministry Sets Date To Update Private Nurseries Files Assistant Undersecretary for Social Development at the Ministry of Social Affairs Hana Al-Hajri announced that the ministry has set dates for receiving owners of private nurseries (kindergartens) to u... October 02, 2020 580 Category: Information
13,000 Expats Deported This Year Until Date Thirteen thousand expatriates have been deported from the country for various reasons including violation of the residence and labor laws and committing crimes including serious traffic offenses and o... September 27, 2018 651 Category: Crime News
Several Human Rights Activists And Lawyers Have Rejected The Decision Issued By The Ministry Of Interior Several human rights activists and lawyers have rejected the decision issued by the Ministry of Interior according to which ‘Anyone reported absconding by the sponsor after Jan 4, 2016, shall no... April 03, 2017 1786 Category: Kuwait
Court Acquitted A Kuwaiti Woman Who Was Accused Of Changing The Date Of A Cheque The Misdemeanor Court acquitted a Kuwaiti woman who was accused of changing the date of a cheque issued to her by a businessperson. According to the case files, the woman was issued a cheque of KD 5,0... December 22, 2016 700 Category: Crime News
MOI Urges Kuwaitis And Expats To Review The Expiry Date Of Passports Of Domestics General Department of Public Relations and Media Security at the Ministry of Interior urges Kuwaitis and expatriates to review the expiry date of passports held by their domestic workers to avoid expo... December 20, 2016 1155 Category: Kuwait
MOE Has Requested The CSC to quickly respond to the request about reduction in working hours of pregnant employees Ministry of Education Undersecretary Dr Haitham Al-Athary has requested the Civil Service Commission (CSC) to indicate the date for implementing reduction in working hours of pregnant female employees... December 08, 2016 998 Category: Kuwait
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