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KPC Warns Its Financial Situation Is "dangerous" The Kuwait Petroleum Corporation has issued a warning about the obstacles and sensitive challenges that the oil sector will face in the coming phase, as it has been monitoring a package of obstacles t... April 06, 2022 232 Category: Kuwait
Hospitals Are Full; Authorities Warns Dangerous Situation As the increase in number of Covid infection in the country is leading to increase in hospital occupancies, high-ranking government sources warned that the epidemiological situation in the country has... July 06, 2021 2297 Category: Kuwait
Health Situation Is Getting Dangerous… Chances Of Reverting Back With 7 deaths in one day and 34 in a week has put forward many options for health authorities in the country. The higher authority in government sources has described the health situation in the count... October 10, 2020 6449 Category: Health
Dangerous Information Leaked To Harm People Initial investigations conducted in one of the cases has triggered a big surprise because of the involvement of a senior official who occupies a sensitive position and is said to have leaked dangerous... February 06, 2020 318 Category: Crime News
Dangerous Confessions From Muslim Brotherhood Cell The eight members of the Muslim Brotherhood cell who were arrested in Kuwait upon a request of the Egyptian Interpol and deported to Egypt at the request of the Egyptian government are said to have ma... August 23, 2019 543 Category: Kuwait
No Just Fast Food, These 11 Food Combinations Are Equally Dangerous To Your Health There are some things that always come in twos. This includes some of our favourite food combinations. Our food habits come down to a point where we refuse to eat one food item without the other. H... June 30, 2019 430 Category: Information
$80 Pb Is Dangerous To The World Economy During an oil conference in London last week, international oil countries were warned about the danger of oil prices rising above the level of $80. It is a red-line and a warning sign that such a leve... October 14, 2018 679 Category: Business
Hiring Expats In Oil Sans Aptitude Test Dangerous Precedent The Labor Union at Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) condemned the statement issued by Minister of Oil, Electricity and Water Bakheet Al-Rasheedi about recruiting expatriates in the oil sector without taking a... July 08, 2018 522 Category: Kuwait
Double Swiping Of Payment Cards By Some Shops Could Be Dangerous Some shops have formed the habit of ‘double swiping’ payment cards at the electronic cash register after obtaining the initial authorization from the payment card issuer to collect details... June 14, 2018 631 Category: Kuwait
Latest Dangerous Developments In Syria The State of Kuwait has followed up, with deep concern and alarm, latest dangerous developments in Syria namely the military operations, carried out as a result of the Syrian authorities’ use of... April 15, 2018 1269 Category: Kuwait
Pistol In The Schoolbag Can we talk about violence in our schools and how can we deal with such strange and dangerous incidents? This was the talk when another strange incident happened at one of the elementary schools, repo... April 06, 2018 694 Category: Crime News
Kuwaitis Are Observing A Dangerous Phenomenon, Which Is Alien To The Country Kuwaitis are observing a dangerous phenomenon, which is alien to the country, in view of recent official statistics indicating some 17,000 citizens are currently unemployed; not counting an average of... December 29, 2017 2129 Category: Kuwait
Reckless Driving On Highways Has Increased Due To Absence Of Patrolling Officers Reckless driving on the highways has increased lately due to absence of patrolling officers. Bloggers circulated a video clip on social media in which a pickup driver can be seen driving carelessly on... December 17, 2017 821 Category: Driving License
Drug-related Deaths In Kuwait Raises Director General of Antinarcotics Authority Brigadier Badar Al-Ghadhori announced the total number of drug-related deaths registered in Kuwait between 2012 and 2016 was 333, while the number of drug-r... November 02, 2017 792 Category: Crime News
3 Bangladeshis And One Of The Most Wanted Drug Dealer In Kuwait Were Arrested Three Bangladeshis including one of the most wanted and dangerous drug dealers in Kuwait were arrested in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area in possession of a bag of heroin, 144 narcotic pills, KD 152 cash, and ... October 01, 2017 1064 Category: Crime News
Phenomenon Of Fish Kill Has Returned To Haunt The Marine Environment The phenomenon of fish kill has returned to haunt the marine environment in a manner which environmental activists describe as dangerous, reports Al-Qabas daily. With several dead fish afloat in th... September 11, 2017 652 Category: Kuwait
Dangerous Consequences On The State Treasury,if Taxes Are Imposed Member of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development and former board chairman of the Gulf Bank Ali Rashid Al-Bader insists that imposing taxes will have dangerous consequences on the State Trea... July 13, 2017 611 Category: Kuwait
Youths Advised To Avoid Such Dangerous Money Games Following the footsteps of the game “Pokémon Go” to which the world became addicted, an unidentified Kuwaiti citizen has developed a new game called “Money”. This gam... June 20, 2017 673 Category: Crime News
Revalidation Of Degree Good Day! … Firstly, I would like to thank Arab Times legal time to provide such excellent service, by providing best solutions on any issue. My issue here is, that one of my friends (gradua... May 14, 2017 928 Category: Legal
CID Have Arrested Gang Of Bank Cheque Forgers Personnel from the General Department for Criminal Investigation have arrested members of what is believed to be the most dangerous gang who specialized in forging bank cheques in the country, reports... May 04, 2017 1023 Category: Crime News
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