Two Saudis Executed For Killing Their Mother Saudi media reported two brothers executed for killing their mother who tried to prevent the brothers from joining Daesh in Syria after almost seven years in jail. The pair were among 81 people exe... March 13, 2022 492 Category: Crime News
Convicted Bedoun Men, Kuwaiti And Yemeni In The Case Of Terrorist Funding For DAESH The Criminal Court convicted two Bedoun men and acquitted a Kuwaiti man and Yemeni man in the case of terrorist funding for DAESH. The court sentenced the first defendant to five years in prison wi... February 13, 2020 570 Category: Crime News
Stoltenberg Welcomes Gulf Role In Defeat Of DAESH NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg praised the tailored training and practical support provided by NATO to all Gulf countries. This came during a speech Monday marking the 15th anniversary of ... December 17, 2019 288 Category: Kuwait
Egyptian Sentenced For Life For Joining DAESH And Planned To Kill 5 American Soldiers The Court of Appeals upheld the decision of the First Instance Court which sentenced an Egyptian to life imprisonment for joining DAESH.   The Criminal Court previously convicted Ibrahim Su... April 05, 2019 735 Category: Crime News
Egyptian DAESH Case Verdict Upheld The Appeals Court has upheld the verdict of the lower court and turned down the request of the defence attorney to release his client, an Egyptian believed to be member of DAESH, who was accused of tr... January 25, 2019 743 Category: Crime News
Citizen Convicted Of Joining DAESH Group Has Appeal Rejected The Court of Cassation rejected the appeal submitted by a Kuwaiti citizen who was sentenced to five-year imprisonment with hard labor after being convicted of joining DAESH and attempting to bomb Imam... November 13, 2018 411 Category: Crime News
15 Kuwaitis Aligned With Islamic State DAESH In Idlib Fifteen Kuwaitis are believed to have joined forces with DAESH or the so-called Islamic State terrorist organization which remains besieged in Idlib amid reports the ‘Battle for Idlib’ has... September 23, 2018 625 Category: Kuwait
Criminal Court Sets May 13 To Look Into Citizen’s Case Linked To DAESH The Criminal Court set May 13, 2018, to look into the case of a Kuwaiti who has been charged with joining the Islamic State or the so-called DAESH and the ‘Ahrar Al-Sham’ terrorist group, ... May 02, 2018 502 Category: Crime News
DAESHI Filipina Ruling Postponed Until March 28 The Court of Appeals, presided over by Judge Nasr Salem Al Heyd, looked into several State Security cases, says Al-Seyassah. The court postponed until March 28, 2018 the issuance of its verdict on the... March 15, 2018 738 Category: Crime News
Citizenship Forgery Case Filed Against Four Brothers The Criminal Court has assigned the session of March 11 to review the citizenship forgery case filed against four brothers from a particular tribe. They were released on bail worth KD 1,000 each. T... March 09, 2018 667 Category: Crime News
Detention Extended On 6 Expatriates Tied To DAESH The Criminal Court has ordered the continued detention of 6 expatriates (five Syrians and an Iraqi) in the case of financing the terrorist organization DAESH in Syria. The suspects are said to have co... December 15, 2017 1025 Category: Crime News
Security Enhanced At KIA Due To DAESH Terrorist And Other Threats Director General of Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGCA) Yousef Al-Fawzan stressed the need to enhance security regulations at Kuwait International Airport for the protection of travelers and... August 15, 2017 620 Category: Kuwait
Daesh Members Threaten Kuwait In New Video Kuwait’s Interior Ministry has assured the public that the army and police were capable of dealing with any threats following a video clip, allegedly posted by Daesh, threatening to carry out te... August 07, 2017 1031 Category: Kuwait
Dr Ibrahim Al-Mohaimeed Delivered A Lecture Behind The Emergence Of DAESH Ideology Dr Ibrahim Al-Mohaimeed delivered a lecture at Al-Masjid an-Nabawi recently, during which he discussed reasons behind the emergence of DAESH ideology. He said the flames of terrorism, which has bee... July 30, 2017 703 Category: Kuwait
3 DAESH Recruiters On US Terrorist Sanctions List The Islamic State group’s top India recruiter and a senior coordinator of its European attacks network were named Thursday on the US terrorist sanctions list. The State Department officially nam... June 16, 2017 586 Category: International
Court Has Rejected Petition To Release The Youngest Female DAESH Member The Criminal Court has rejected petition to release the youngest female DAESH member whom the State Security Department accused of joining the outlawed group in Egypt. The court has since adjourned th... June 14, 2017 584 Category: Crime News
Court Sentenced Life Imprisonment For DAESH Extremist A Kuwaiti court on Sunday sentenced a professed member of the Islamic State group to life in prison for an attack on US troops in the emirate last year. Egyptian Ibrahim Suleiman in October rammed his... June 12, 2017 624 Category: Crime News
Daesh Claims Iran Attacks The Islamic State group claimed responsibility Wednesday for a stunning pair of attacks on Iran’s parliament and the mausoleum of its modern founder, the first such attack claimed by the Sunni e... June 08, 2017 651 Category: Kuwait
State Security Filed A Case Against A Filipina Who Was Accused Of Joining DAESH The Court of Appeals has referred back to the Public Prosecution the State Security case filed against a Filipina who was accused of joining DAESH. This was aimed to translate the context of the messa... May 25, 2017 522 Category: Crime News
Number Of Kuwaitis Who Visited DAESH Website In The Year 2016 Dwindled To Only 40 Director of Moderation Consolidation Center Abdullah Al-Shuraekah affirmed that the number of Kuwaitis who visited DAESH website in the year 2016 dwindled to only 40. This is a monumental difference c... May 21, 2017 1039 Category: Kuwait
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