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CSC Announced That who Are Late to Office on March 26th and 27th will not be penalized Dr. Essam Al-Rubaiaan, President of the Civil Service Commission in Kuwait, revealed on Monday that public sector employees who were absent or reported late to work on March 26th and 27th will not be ... March 27, 2023 1357 Category: Kuwait
The CSC Extends The Deadline For Applying For Jobs To July 8 More than 4,650 male and female job applicants have registered in the central employment system as of June 24 during the current registration session, according to Ibrahim Al-Hajri, director of the Ci... June 27, 2022 420 Category: Kuwait
Reduce Administrative Burdens, Government Fails To Keep Pace Senior government officials said plans to reduce the government administrative apparatus face difficulties when it comes to implementation of government plans despite repeatedly declaring a desire for... May 19, 2022 262 Category: Kuwait
Nominations To Senior Positions At CSC Suspended Wednesday, the Civil Service Commission announced that government organizations should cease to appoint personnel to senior positions, including supervisory positions. A local Arabic newspaper repo... May 11, 2022 233 Category: Kuwait
A 200-dinar Bonus Will Be Given To Kuwaiti And Gulf Secondary Teachers It was approved by the Civil Service Commission that Kuwaiti and Gulf female mathematics teachers working in secondary schools would receive the rare specialization allowance after their share of over... April 25, 2022 751 Category: Kuwait
CSC To Control Government Employees Who Encash Balance Leaves In spite of the decree amending the civil service system to allow state employees to cash their unused annual leave balances, state employees believe the Civil Service Commission will issue another de... April 04, 2022 656 Category: Kuwait
Pay End-of-service Benefits to Expats Maryam Al-Aqeel, the President of the Civil Service Commission, cancelled the requirement for expatriate employees to pay the end of service payment when they depart the government sector. In its c... March 30, 2022 3250 Category: Expats
Pay Indemnity to Expats A number of requests from the authorities for the disbursement of end-of-service benefits have led the Civil Service Commission to inform the government institutions of the terms and conditions concer... March 26, 2022 3050 Category: Indemnity
CSC Asks Government Agencies Not To Send Requests For Employment Of Non-Kuwaitis According to the Civil Service Commission, government agencies must meet the August 26, 2022 deadline for Kuwaitization of jobs and comply with Resolution No. 11 of 2017. It emphasizes that no request... March 23, 2022 490 Category: Kuwait
Expatriate Government Workers Will Receive End-of-service Benefits Soon In some government establishments, the start of the Kuwaitization process has made it possible for expatriate government employees to receive their end-of-service benefits after resigning or being ter... March 07, 2022 1353 Category: Indemnity
CSC To Start Government Training Center To Block "parachute Appointments" The Civil Service Commission's proposal to build a government training center, which is currently being finalized, intersects positively with the government's intention because one of the cent... February 24, 2022 259 Category: Kuwait
Priority For Jobs In Govt Sector As Per CSC Decree The decree of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) regarding appointment to government jobs preserves the priority of appointment for citizens who hold various certificates and specializations, reports ... January 25, 2022 365 Category: Kuwait
CSC Suspends Fingerprint System The Civil Service Commission has suspended the attendance fingerprint system for government employees as a precautionary measure and to avoid the spread of Corona virus. The CSC said in a circular ... January 11, 2022 471 Category: Kuwait
CSC Announces End Of Suspension Of Appointment To Leadership Positions The Civil Service Commission announced on Sunday the end of the suspension of appointment to leadership positions and occupying supervisory positions, with the continuation of the suspension of transf... January 09, 2022 346 Category: Kuwait
CSC Asks State Institutions To Determine Number Of Expats As It Enters Final Stage Of Kuwaitization The Civil Service Commission has asked the government agencies to determine the number of expatriate employees working in each job category to help it implement the Kuwaitization of jobs policy in the... January 08, 2022 689 Category: Kuwait
Quarantine Period Is Not A Sick Leave Nor Deducted From Leave Balance The Civil Service Commission stated that the travelers who return back to Kuwait during their home quarantine period are not counted as sick leave nor it should be deducted from leave balance. Al... December 21, 2021 3353 Category: Kuwait
CSC To Take Into Account Employees For the year 2021, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) has said only the attendance of employees will be looked into to assess work performance instead of calculating delay periods, reports Al-Qabas da... December 18, 2021 486 Category: Kuwait
‘Replace Expats With Kuwaitis’ The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has requested Kuwait Municipality to apply the Kuwaitization policy on 58 expatriate employees who are working on contract-basis in various positions, including all ... December 06, 2021 1230 Category: Kuwait
4,682 Look For Government Jobs The Civil Service Commission (CSC) announced 4,682 Kuwaitis have registered with the central employment system to work in government sector. Among the candidates are 2,569 applicants with a univers... November 23, 2021 342 Category: Kuwait
CSC Suspends All Senior, Supervisory Appointments The Civil Service Commission said ministers must remain committed and stop appointments in senior positions in their respective ministries and government institutions and must also put an end to super... November 10, 2021 341 Category: Kuwait
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