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30 Murders In 14 Months Open Society's Wounds Repeated violent acts have opened society's wounds, including the murder of a mother by her two daughters in a Doha suburb the day before yesterday, which was preceded by the murder of a family of... March 12, 2022 289 Category: Crime News
Despite COVID-19 Pressure, Kuwait Sees 16% Drop In Violent Crimes, Murders Last Year Kuwait’s official statistics showed that the year 2020 was not the most violent in terms of murders and aggravated assaults, compared to these violent crimes committed in the last 5 years, despi... September 05, 2021 248 Category: Crime News
“Dow Chemical Deal" - The Mother Of All Crimes THE mother of all crimes is what we refer to as the “Dow Chemical deal”, a case that was unprecedented in the history of Kuwait since its inception. This scandal was quite huge in terms of... December 12, 2019 877 Category: Opinion
No One Will Evade Public Funds Crimes His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Sabah reaffirmed no-one “whatsoever” would evade punishment related to public funds crimes, and said this file “will be under my personal ... November 19, 2019 502 Category: Kuwait
PAM Probes Crimes Against Domestic Workers – BBC Report Fallout Deputy Director General for Labor Protection at Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) Dr Mubarak Al-Jafour said Kuwait has necessary laws to protect domestic workers, and the authorities are keen on app... November 04, 2019 277 Category: Kuwait
Police Nab Many People For Various Crimes In Raids Throughout Kuwait Several people have been taken into custody by the police for various reasons, reports Al-Rai daily.   The daily said the police have detained one person for disobeying their orders to stop... May 02, 2019 573 Category: Crime News
Wanted Egyptian Arrested For Crimes In Egypt The Kuwaiti Interpol has arrested an Egyptian who is wanted by his country in connection with criminal cases, reports Al-Rai daily. According to a security source, the suspected managed to escape f... April 14, 2019 335 Category: Crime News
Traffic-related Crimes Highest In Kuwait Kuwaiti courts dealt with 2,316 juvenile cases for 3,390 suspects in 2018, the annual report, the Ministry of Justice Juvenile Prosecution said. According to report, traffic-related crimes topped t... March 03, 2019 331 Category: Crime News
Sharp Decline In Cyber Crimes Recorded The proportion of cyber crimes investigated by the Prosecution in 2018 dropped to about 50% compared to 2017, reports Al-Jarida daily quoting informed sources. The statistics show the crimes investiga... January 15, 2019 320 Category: Crime News
MoI To Hike Patrols, Erect Checkpoints To Prevent Thefts, Petty Crimes The Under-secretary of the Ministry of Interior, Essam Al-Nham said the concerned authorities will follow instructions issued by the Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Lt Gen Sheikh Khalid Al... December 20, 2018 503 Category: Crime News
Fraud And Various Other Crimes In Society Have Increased This Year  As if everything was questionable and prone to counterfeiting the truth and falsifying it, this was not the case in the jurisprudence of the judiciary, which is given the title of ‘truth&r... December 16, 2018 340 Category: Kuwait
5,945 Cameras Across Country To Minimize Crimes The Ministry of Interior unveiled that it has installed 5,945 CCTV cameras all over the country, to minimize the number of crimes in the country, reports Al-Anba daily. In the regard, Deputy Prime ... December 07, 2018 501 Category: Kuwait
Juvenile Crimes Highest In Kuwait The juvenile prosecution has raised a red flag by revealing that juvenile crimes in Kuwait are the highest in the world. It said 1,880 crimes were committed by 2,071 juveniles last year, 79 percent of... November 20, 2018 593 Category: Crime News
Jordanian Uses Sheikhas Name To Commit Crimes Chairperson of the Kuwait Youth Association and member of the ruling family Sheikha Amal Al-Hamoud Al-Sabah has sought the help of the E-Crimes Department of the Criminal Investigation Department to a... October 15, 2018 435 Category: Crime News
World Must Act To Curb Israeli Crimes – Kuwait A triumvirate of Kuwaiti parliamentarians have urged the international community to take decisive action over “Israel’s perpetual atrocities against the Palestinian people.” “W... July 22, 2018 818 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Warns Of Increasing Rates Of Organized Crimes And Their Connection With Terrorist Organizations The State of Kuwait has warned of increasing rates of organized crimes and their connection with terrorist organizations. Kuwait’s Representative to the 27th session of the UN-affiliated Commiss... May 16, 2018 488 Category: International
Kuwait Calls For Investing In Youth To Counter Extremism, Crimes Kuwait has called for further investing in youth's education and capacity building to safeguard youth from criminal networks and extremist groups. It is important to invest more in youth to build ... April 24, 2018 560 Category: Crime News
Take Responsibility For Ensuring Accountability For Perpetrators Of Sexual Crimes The State of Kuwait stressed that the UN Security Council must take responsibility for ensuring accountability for perpetrators of sexual crimes during times of armed conflict. This came in a speec... April 18, 2018 1058 Category: Kuwait
Al-Roumi Said Kuwait Is Exposed To About 5,000 Cyber Crimes A Year The Information Security and Cybercrime Advisor, Colonel Raed Al-Roumi said every Internet user has a file in the US National Security Agency, and that America would not have collected all this inform... April 11, 2018 581 Category: Crime News
Citizens Participate In Survey To Lift The Ban On Import Of Ethiopian Domestic Workers A number of citizens participated in a survey conducted by the daily concerning the decision to lift the ban on the import of Ethiopian domestic workers, reports Al-Rai daily. According to Sa&rsquo... April 10, 2018 588 Category: Kuwait
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