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Court Acquitted A Kuwaiti Citizen Who Was Accused In Sharing His Girl Friend Picture The Misdemeanor Court of Appeals upturned the verdict issued by the Court of First Instance, which imposed a fine of KD 200 on a Kuwaiti citizen who was accused of sending his girlfriend’s pictu... April 08, 2019 261 Category: Crime News
Court Sentenced 5 Years Imprisonment For DAESHI The Criminal Court presided over by Judge Anwar Al-Enezi has sentenced a Kuwaiti citizen to five-year imprisonment with hard labor for allegedly joining and fighting on the side of the outlawed DAESH ... March 28, 2019 216 Category: Crime News
Court Sentenced Life To Egyptian Tutor For Sexually Assaulting A Female Student The Criminal Court, headed by Counselor Ahmad Al-Yassin has sentenced an Egyptian private math teacher to life imprisonment for sexually assaulting a female student in her parents’ home, reports... March 27, 2019 357 Category: Crime News
Court Ordered The Payment Of KD 150000 To Martyrs Son The Commercial Circuit of the Court of First Instance ordered the payment of KD 150,000 to an individual, which is the money owed to him by his grandfather. In demand for this money, the plaintiff had... March 19, 2019 273 Category: Crime News
Court Orders Kuwaiti Woman To Share Cost Of House With Husband A local court ordered a Kuwaiti woman to share the cost of a house with the husband. According to the case file, Attorney Mubarak Al- Khashab filed lawsuit on behalf of the woman’s husband and p... January 18, 2019 354 Category: Crime News
PIFSS Filed A Libel Suit With The Supreme Court Of The United Kingdom The Kuwaiti Public Institution for Social Security (PIFSS) has filed a libel suit with the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom against assets’ managing company, Man Group PLC, and its subsidiari... January 10, 2019 348 Category: Kuwait
Appeals Court Amends Verdict As IS Members Get 3-10 Years In Jail The Court of Appeals chaired by Counselor Adel Huwaidi amended the verdict of the Criminal Court and sentenced a Kuwaiti and his wife and another Kuwaiti to 10 years imprisonment with hard labor, the ... January 10, 2019 432 Category: Crime News
Court Acquits Kuwaiti Man Accused Of Carrying Drugs The Criminal Court acquitted a Kuwaiti citizen who was accused of possessing drugs. The court declared that securitymen are not allowed to search and arrest individuals without a warrant from the Publ... January 04, 2019 301 Category: Crime News
Court Lifts Ban – We’re Bedouns The Court of Appeals lifted the security ban that prevented a bedoun and his family from renewing their security identification cards. The higher court cancelled the decision of the First Instance Cou... December 27, 2018 331 Category: Crime News
Court Grants Irrevocable Divorce To Kuwaiti Woman The Hawally Family Court granted irrevocable divorce to a Kuwaiti woman due to irreconcilable differences with her exhusband, while her rights associated with marriage and divorce were withheld. Accor... December 23, 2018 300 Category: Crime News
Court Turns Down Expat Teachers Request The Constitutional Court has turned down the request that was submitted by non-Kuwaiti female teachers (married to Kuwaitis) to treat them on par with their Kuwaiti counterparts, reports Al-Rai daily.... December 21, 2018 365 Category: Kuwait
Court Acquitted Syrian Of Forging An Academic Certificate The Criminal Court acquitted a Syrian of forging an academic certificate. The Public Prosecution charged the Syrian with falsifying equivalency of a public secondary school class two result to make... December 21, 2018 447 Category: Crime News
Stormer Seats At Risk As Court Decides By-law Unconstitutional The Constitutional Court on Wednesday declared the unconstitutionality of Article 16 of the National Assembly’s internal regulations which stipulates cancellation of parliamentary membership acc... December 20, 2018 239 Category: Kuwait
Criminal Court Acquitted 2 Minors Of Stealing Car The Criminal Court acquitted two minors of stealing the car of a company representative (mandoub) at knife point and attempting to sell the car at the scrapyard. The Public Prosecution charged the min... December 16, 2018 288 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Teacher Referred To Court In Maltreatment, Death Of Student The Public Prosecutor’s Office yesterday decided to refer the Egyptian teacher Najla Mohammad to the Criminal Court in the case of the death of a student, Issa Al-Balushi, reports Al-Anba daily.... December 14, 2018 452 Category: Crime News
Cassation Court Dismissed Lawsuit Filed By Trading Company Against Kuwaiti Investor The Court of Cassation dismissed a lawsuit filed by a trading company against a Kuwaiti investor at Qurain Markets. The final ruling nullified the verdict of the Court of First Instance upheld by the ... December 13, 2018 287 Category: Crime News
Court Acquits Manager Of Theft And Punishments To 7 Other Suspects The First Instance Court acquitted the manager of a contracting company of stealing movable assets owned by the company, and handed out various punishments to 7 other suspects for the same accusation.... December 04, 2018 271 Category: Crime News
Court Ordered A Kuwaiti To Pay Dowry To Wife The Jafari Circuit of the Family Court ordered a Kuwaiti citizen to pay delayed dowry of KD 5,000 to his wife as well as the legal charges of the case. This verdict was issued despite the fact that ma... December 02, 2018 403 Category: Crime News
Court Sentences Kuwaiti To Death For Killing Nephew In Salmi Desert The Court of Cassation has sentenced a Kuwaiti citizen to death for killing his nephew at a livestock pen in Salmi desert area last year due to a family dispute. The Public Prosecution charged the cit... November 30, 2018 387 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Citizen To Pay KD 10,075 To His Ex-wife - Family Court The Family Court ordered a Kuwaiti citizen to pay KD 10,075 to his ex-wife, which is her share of revenues generated from renting out a flat that they jointly own since 2015, says Al-Seyassah daily. ... November 25, 2018 308 Category: Crime News
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