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Cops Are Looking For An Unidentified Man For Kidnapping His Pregnant Wife Police are looking for an unidentified man for ‘kidnapping’ his pregnant wife in broad daylight when she was in one of the complexes allegedly due to differences between them, reports Al-R... April 11, 2019 285 Category: Crime News
Cops Have Arrested A Young Woman For Possessing Unlicensed Pistol And A Bottle Of Whisky Police have arrested a young woman who is believed to be in her 20s for possessing unlicensed pistol and a bottle of whisky, reports Al-Rai daily. A security source said the woman was put under sur... March 27, 2019 255 Category: Crime News
Cops Have Arrested 3 Indians For Trading Liquor Police have arrested three Indians, two men and a woman for trading in locally- manufactured booze, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added, one of the bootleggers was seen standing near a minibus on an... March 24, 2019 260 Category: Crime News
Cops Are Looking For 3 Persons Suspected Of Stabbing To Death A Young Citizen Police are looking for three persons suspected of stabbing to death a young citizen whose body was found behind Ardiya Cooperative Society with a deep cut on his neck. Police hurried to the scene a... March 08, 2019 243 Category: Crime News
Cops Are Looking For Two Unidentified Persons For Robbing An Indian The Jahra police are looking for two unidentified persons for robbing an Indian, working for the home delivery restaurant in Saad Al-Abdullah. The daily added, the Indian in his complaint to the ar... February 22, 2019 269 Category: Crime News
Cops Are Looking For Two Unidentified Persons For Fighting Inside A Pharmacy In Hawalli Police are looking for two unidentified persons for fighting inside a pharmacy in Hawalli. The daily said before leaving the scene the duo has left behind a trail of damage. The pharmacist has given t... February 17, 2019 219 Category: Crime News
Case Filed Against Negligent Cops A security source revealed a case of negligence has been filed against an officer and four policemen working at the Adan Police Station, reports Al-Qabas daily. This happened after a bedoun managed to... October 18, 2018 339 Category: Crime News
Murder On Busy Hyderabad Road,Cops Went To Get Batons A man was hacked to death with an axe on a busy road in Hyderabad today, in the presence of policemen who are seen in a video doing nothing to stop the crime. Two men chase the man on a street in Raje... September 27, 2018 534 Category: International
Trucker To Be Deported – Cops In Rules Violation The Environment Police affiliated to the Environment Public Authority have issued citations against two policemen from the Shamiya Police Station, for smoking on the premises and also against a police... September 09, 2018 775 Category: Crime News
Cops Are Looking For A Kuwaiti For Cheating And Robbing A Young Woman Police are looking for a Kuwaiti for cheating and robbing a young woman. The suspect reportedly played with the feelings of the woman and promised to marry her after taking advantage of her weaknes... March 30, 2018 443 Category: Crime News
Cops Arrested Three Kuwaiti Juveniles For Attempting To Rob An Indian The Ahmadi police have arrested three Kuwaiti juveniles for attempting to rob an Indian at knifepoint, reports Al-Rai daily. The suspects were caught redhanded when a police patrol that was on rout... March 19, 2018 330 Category: Crime News
Cops Arrested A Notorious Kuwaiti Thief A Kuwaiti man born in 1979 was apprehended by security operatives in possession of illicit substance and a sharp object. The citizen is alleged to have dispossessed several expatriates of their belong... March 07, 2018 593 Category: Crime News
Many Expats Deported The MOI security directorate launched a campaign in the six governorates that resulted in the arrest of 39 people involved in civil and criminal cases, they were referred to deportation department. ... November 28, 2017 1057 Category: Kuwait
Cops Looking For Asian Who Abandoned The Body Of Asian Woman Security authorities are looking for an Asian motorist who abandoned the body of an Asian woman at the front gate of Ferdous Clinic, says Al-Seyassah. The suspect born in 1961 went to the area police ... November 24, 2017 953 Category: Crime News
Liquor Factory Busted In Salwa Hawally securitymen uncovered local liquor factory in Salwa area after police found two Indian men carrying 6 bottles of liquor in a bag, when questioned, police went ahead to search the flat, they co... November 20, 2017 849 Category: Crime News
Cops Arrested Ugandan Citizen The Hawally police have arrested a Ugandan citizen who had allegedly infiltrated into the country, reports Al-Rai daily. The suspect was walking along a road and when he saw a police patrol approachin... November 19, 2017 622 Category: Crime News
Cops Have Taken 3 People Into Custody The Farwaniya police have taken into custody three people — a Kuwaiti, a Bangladeshi and a Sri Lankan, the former for failing to pay debt to a car company and the Bangladeshi and the Sri Lankan ... November 05, 2017 724 Category: Crime News
Cops Have Arrested 3 Persons For Robbing An Asian Expat Police have arrested three persons and looking for the fourth as they are accused of assaulting an Asian expatriate and robbing him of KD 1,000 in his possession. According to a security source, a ... August 01, 2017 401 Category: Crime News
Cops Arrested A Two Man Gang For Exploiting Runaway Domestic Workers For Immoral Activities Officers from the Residency Affairs Department arrested a two-man gang for exploiting runaway domestic workers for immoral activities at different flats in Farwaniya area. The two suspects, an Arab ma... July 30, 2017 585 Category: Crime News
Cops Have Arrested Young Kuwaiti For Stabbing His Mother Police have arrested an 18-year-old Kuwaiti for fatally stabbing his 50-year-old mother. A security source said the incident took place in South Surrah. It has been reported the mother was stabbed ... July 20, 2017 553 Category: Crime News
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