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20 Convicts Freed The Ministry of Interior released 20 convicts yesterday in the case of covering up the Abdali Cell, who were included in the honorable Amiri pardon, reports Al-Anba daily. The release took place after... November 17, 2021 89 Category: Crime News
Tracking Bracelets For Prisoners Sentenced To Less Than 3 Years Implementation of tracking bracelets for monitoring convicts was launched by the Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, Major General Talal Marafie. The implementation of this proj... September 08, 2021 265 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Commuted Death Sentence Of 15 Indians ,Union Minister VK Singh Informs Lok Sabha The Amir of Kuwait has commuted the death sentence of 15 Indians to life imprisonment, the government informed Lok Sabha on Wednesday. In a written response to a question, VK Singh, minister of state ... April 05, 2018 1323 Category: Kuwait
Court Postponed The Session On The National Assembly Storming Case The Court of Cassation, presided over by Judge Saleh Al-Muwaished, postponed the session on the National Assembly storming case until March 11, 2018 to take a decision on the travel ban imposed on the... March 05, 2018 394 Category: Crime News
The Court Of Cassation Will Hear Appeals Filed By The Convicts In The Case Of Storming The National Assembly The Court of Cassation will hear appeals (Sunday, Feb 18, 2018) filed by the convicts in the case of storming the National Assembly, reports Al-Anba daily. According to the law, those whose sentenc... February 18, 2018 404 Category: Crime News
36 Stormers Yet To Surrender As Date To Challenge Verdict Nears With the 60-day deadline of Sunday, Jan 28, 2018, is fast approaching to challenge the verdict of the Court of Appeals in the case of ‘Storming the National Assembly’ 36 people have yet to... January 22, 2018 664 Category: Crime News
Several Lawmakers Discussed On Those Imprisoned For Storming The Legislative Building Several lawmakers met Tuesday in the office of MP Mohammed Al-Mutair to continue their discussion on those imprisoned for storming the legislative building. Present at the meeting were MPs Mohamm... December 13, 2017 684 Category: Kuwait
Security Forces Capture 12 Abdali Cell Suspects The MOI has confirmed that its security forces were able to capture 12 wanted persons belonging to the so-called Abdali cell, The Ministry announced last month that it had implemented the judgment of ... August 12, 2017 1358 Category: Crime News
Two Suspects In Abdali Cell Case Were Arrested Of Communicating With Lebanese Hezbollah Two new suspects in the “Abdali cell” case were arrested Sunday on serious charges of “communicating” with the Lebanese Hezbollah party with the intention of carrying out antag... August 08, 2017 524 Category: Crime News
MPs Weigh In With Abdali Cell Queries - Consultative Meeting Tuesday Speaking to reporters on Sunday, Al-Ghanim disclosed the agenda of the consultative meeting include the escape of Abdali cell convicts, public funds and other important issues. He added a number of... July 31, 2017 483 Category: Kuwait
MPs Requested For An Emergency Parliamentary Session To Discuss The Countrys Relationship With Iran MPs Mohammad Al-Mutair, Waleed Al-Tabtabaei, Mohammed Hayef, Omar Al-Tabtabaei, Thamer Al-Suwait, Faraj Al-Arbeed and Abdulwahab Al-Babtain have requested for an emergency parliamentary session to dis... July 21, 2017 510 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaitis Have Donated Around 4 Million Dollars For Debt Convicts Kuwaitis have donated around $4 million in a matter of hours in a fund-raising campaign to help secure the release of Kuwaiti prisoners convicted for failing to pay their financial dues. The campai... May 15, 2017 566 Category: Kuwait
PP Started Its Proceedings To Execute A Number Of Convicts Including 2 Kuwaitis Before Ramadan The Public Prosecution, in coordination with the concerned authorities, has started its proceedings to execute a number of convicts in various crimes prior to the holy month of Ramadan quoting informe... April 09, 2017 800 Category: Crime News
Kuwait To Execute Convicted Prisoners Before Ramadan The Kuwaiti authorities will reportedly execute a number of convicts on death row before the advent of Ramadan in late May.The Public Prosecution has started co-ordinating measures with the security a... April 06, 2017 3095 Category: Crime News
Moroccan Killers Tourist Sentenced To Life Imprisonment And Fined The Moroccan killers of a Kuwaiti tourist in Casablanca were sentenced to life imprisonment and fined 2 million Moroccan Dirhams (MAD) in blood money to be paid to the victim’s family. The co... February 10, 2017 793 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Voiced Objection To Criticism Of Its Decision To Execute Seven Convicts  Kuwait has voiced objection to criticism of its decision to execute seven convicts, asserting this step was taken after a lawful and transparent litigation based on the Kuwaiti penal code and it... January 29, 2017 572 Category: Kuwait
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