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MEW Solves Controversy Of ‘bonus’ For Workers The Ministry of Electricity and Water has resolved the controversy which erupted in the social media, about the date ‘excellent work reward’ payment to the employees of the ministry, and c... July 25, 2020 675 Category: Kuwait
Man Drinking Camel Urine Stirs Controversy A widely circulated video clip, showing a man drinking camel urine has sparked widespread controversy between two teams, the first being a supporter which talked about its benefits, especially medicin... July 19, 2020 1390 Category: Kuwait
Music Lessons Fuel Controversy In Kuwait A controversy erupted in Kuwait over a call to ban musical lessons at schools. A group of Kuwaiti Twitter users launched hashtag urging the Ministry of Education to scrap music lessons. The #Can... September 10, 2018 453 Category: Kuwait
Controversy Over Using Taser On Teacher Although the Ministry of Interior has denied that an assistant general manager of a school in Jahra used taser at a teacher in the same school, Director of Jahra Educational District Walid Al-Ghaith s... August 30, 2018 387 Category: Crime News
MBC 1 TV Channel Is Causing Controversy In Kuwait A Ramadan series aired on the Middle East Broadcasting Center - MBC 1 TV Channel is causing controversy in Kuwait. The series which is part of Ramadan entertainment highlights the ruthless c... June 19, 2017 1003 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Will Implement The Joint Tax Agreement Ministry of Finance settled the controversy concerning the schedule for implementing Value Added Tax (VAT) system, when the Undersecretary of the ministry Khalifa Hamada diminished any possibility for... March 27, 2017 1741 Category: Kuwait
MP Mohammad Hayef Has Waded Into Controversy Over Islamisation Amendment MP Mohammad Hayef has waded into controversy after he called for amending an article in the constitution to make sure all acts promulgated by the parliament are fully consistent with Sharia. “T... February 15, 2017 1479 Category: Kuwait
DNA Collection Controversy In Kuwait Kuwait’s decision last year to collect DNA samples of its 1.2 million citizens and 2.3 million foreigners has stirred up a robust debate in the country over security versus personal privacy.&nbs... September 26, 2016 812 Category: Kuwait
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