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The Education Ministry Signs 7 Firefighting Contracts Seven contracts for monitoring and maintaining fire alarm and fire suppression systems have been signed by the Ministry of Education. 156,600 dinars per contract for a period of 3 years. 1.159 mill... April 26, 2022 89 Category: Kuwait
The Estimated Value Of Under-implementation Contracts Is 495 Million Dinars The Ministry of Works' construction projects sector is racing against the clock to complete 14 construction projects that will benefit a variety of government agencies, including ministries, and w... April 13, 2022 142 Category: Kuwait
The Amendment Allows Cooperatives To Renew Investment Contracts With SMEs Mubarak Zaid Al Aro Al Mutairi, Minister of Social Affairs and Community Development and Minister of State for Housing Affairs, made a ministerial resolution authorizing the National Fund for Small an... March 28, 2022 134 Category: Kuwait
Nurses From India, Pakistan, And Sudan Have Been Hired Through Contracts The Ministry of Health stated that there are no intentions to hire Egyptian nurses at this time and that allegations on social media are false. According to reliable ministry sources quoted in a lo... March 21, 2022 440 Category: Information
Kuwait Petroleum Corporation Extends Consultancy Contract  Kuwait Petroleum Corporation is contemplating extending a consultant contract to execute the oil sector's comprehensive reorganization until the research work, which was due to expire last y... February 12, 2022 239 Category: Kuwait
Fears Of Legal Pitfalls Facing State Property Contracts To The PPPA Despite the widespread approval of the decision of the Minister of Finance, Abdul Wahhab Al-Rasheed, to stop the renewal of state property contracts under the ‘B.O.T’ (build-operate-transf... January 26, 2022 103 Category: Kuwait
KOC Signs Two Contracts To Treat Oil-contaminated Soil In Kuwait The Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) on Wednesday signed two new deals to treat the soil polluted by crude oil during the Iraqi occupation in the northern and southern areas of the country. These are the l... July 29, 2021 960 Category: Kuwait
‘Need To Reconsider Some Clauses Related To Labor Rights In Contracts’ The Municipal Council’s Fact-Finding Committee on Cleaning Contracts has recommended the need to reconsider some clauses related to labor rights in the contracts, reports Al- Qabas daily. Follow... July 04, 2021 283 Category: Kuwait
Rising Prices Threaten Construction Contracts The recent rise in the prices of construction materials has caused a crisis for contractors who concluded construction contracts ahead of the unexpected surge in prices, Al-Rai daily reported. Cont... June 06, 2021 427 Category: Kuwait
KOC To Award Contracts Worth More Than KD 1 Billion The Kuwait Oil Company (KOC)  to award its largest environmental project ever to clean up the polluted soil. The 5 major packages are worth more than KD 1. Billion, Al Anbaa daily reported. Th... May 24, 2021 3432 Category: Kuwait
Temporary Government Work Contracts To Be Limited To One Year A temporary government work contract limited to one year will be handed to contractors seeking expat workers for emergency government projects, which will be automatically cancelled after one year fro... January 25, 2021 435 Category: Kuwait
Workers On Completed Govt Contracts Must Be Sacked’; Month’s Time Given The Deputy Director-General of Manpower Protection at the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM), Dr. Mubarak Al-Azmi said PAM is coordinating with all government agencies which were part of completed go... January 14, 2021 606 Category: Information
PAM Requested For Update On Housing Allowance For Expats On Govt Contracts The National Center for Occupational Safety, affiliated to the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM), has asked for an update on the request for information about housing allowances for expatriate worke... December 21, 2020 741 Category: Expats
CAPT Refuses As Five Agencies Request Extension Of Bangladeshi Firms’ Contracts The Central Agency for Public Tenders reportedly continues its refusal to extend contracts for the companies of the “Bangladeshi MP”. Informed sources were quoted as saying the agency reje... September 17, 2020 606 Category: Crime News
Termination Of Contracts For 34 Expatriates In "affairs" The Minister of Social Affairs, Minister of State for Economic Affairs, Maryam Al-Aqeel, has mobilized the replacement water and dispensing with expatriates working in the Ministry of Affairs, as the ... August 28, 2020 1726 Category: Expats
One-month Deadline For Companies Under Government Contracts To Amend Workers’ Housing Conditions The Director General of the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM), Ahmed Al-Mousa, announced that companies under government contracts will be given an opportunity to complete documentation and update d... August 26, 2020 921 Category: General
PAM Outlines Regulations For Transferring Work Permits Under Government Contracts The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) will start a series of measures to control the labor market and handle the leakage from government contracts after monitoring about 420,000 workers registered o... August 25, 2020 982 Category: Expats
Plan Unveiled To Prevent Forgery Of Contracts Head of the Egyptian Labor Office in Kuwait consultant Ahmad Ibrahim has unveiled a plan to prevent the forgery or manipulation of employment contracts for the Egyptian community here, reports Al-Anba... January 30, 2020 367 Category: Kuwait
MOH Signed Contracts To Supply Medicine And Equipment’s With A Company Belonging To The Minister The spokesperson of Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority “Nazaha” and Assistant Secretary General for Corruption Detection and Investigation Dr Mohammad Bu Zabr revealed that the authority was... November 28, 2019 351 Category: Kuwait
Renewal Of Expats Visas Under US Army Contracts Allowed Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has issued a circular with directives to allow companies that have ongoing contracts with the US Army to renew residence visas for one year provided they sign an un... November 10, 2019 497 Category: Kuwait
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