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Consumption Of Electricity At Its Peak On Thursday With the oncoming summer season and high temperatures of 36 degrees Celsius, the power index hit 11150 megawatts at 2:00 p.m., Friday's peak hour of consumption, the most for this year. Accordi... May 14, 2022 112 Category: Kuwait
Tobacco Consumption Rates For Men In Kuwait Are The Highest In Gulf A recently published study on tobacco consumption rates in the Gulf countries revealed that men in Kuwait were among the highest in the GCC countries, Al Jarida daily reports. A newly published med... August 28, 2020 966 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Record Highest Electricity Consumption Kuwait's electrical load index recorded the highest consumption in history by recording 14,778 megawatts, surpassing the peak of 14,700 megawatts recorded last year. However, the Ministry of El... July 21, 2020 844 Category: Kuwait
Electricity Load Index Recorded Abrupt Increase In Consumption The electricity load index recorded abrupt increase in consumption, coinciding with the backto- school season; as the consumption rate last Sunday reached 14,350 megawatts – 70 megawatts less th... September 03, 2019 369 Category: Kuwait
Consumption Of Gasoline Increases Official data shows Kuwait’s consumption of petroleum products, especially gasoline, rises year after year despite the increase almost three years ago the prices of gasoline, diesel and kerosene... May 17, 2019 343 Category: Business
Kuwait Energy Consumption At Its Highest Consumption of energy in Kuwait is hitting 700,000 per day, and gas consumption is edging over oil consumption at a daily rate of 372,000 versus 330,000 per day. Our dependence on oil is decreasing... April 14, 2019 329 Category: Business
Frozen Chicken Unfit For Consumption Found The Public Authority for Food and Nutrition announced that frozen chicken at Kaifan and Khaitan co-op societies’ supplies branches for subsidized food are not safe for human consumption, local d... July 26, 2018 1368 Category: Kuwait
Electricity Consumption Peaked July 9 - Mohammad Boushahri Undersecretary of Ministry of Electricity and Water Eng Mohammad Boushahri revealed that consumption of electricity on Monday, July 9 was 13,790kw, and the temperature that day was 49 degree Centigrad... July 12, 2018 512 Category: Kuwait
Power Consumption Increased On Monday By About 360 Megawatts The power consumption increased on Monday by about 360 megawatts compared to the same day last year, bringing the load rate to 12,000 megawatts, which has prompted the Ministry of Electricity and Wate... May 30, 2018 528 Category: Kuwait
Indian Expat Was Arrested For Consuming Liquor And Climbing Traffic Signal Post A 1981-born Indian expatriate was arrested for consuming liquor and climbing a traffic signal post in Abdullah Al-Mubarak Street near Shamlan roundabout. According to security sources, a passerby n... April 25, 2018 859 Category: Crime News
PAFN Destroyed 79 Kilos Of Expired Foodstuff The Inspection Unit in the Public Authority for Food and Nutrition (PAFN) in Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate inspected cooperative societies and food shops in Sabah Al-Salem, resulting in the destructio... April 10, 2018 472 Category: Crime News
KISR Completed Fish Farming And Aims To Reduce Seafood Exports Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research has successfully completed a fish farming project aimed at fulfilling domestic demand and providing local investors with spaces for produce. The project inc... April 08, 2018 630 Category: Kuwait
444 Kilograms Of Expired Olives And Pickles In Hawally Public Authority for Food and Nutrition (PAFN) destroyed 444 kilograms of expired olives and pickles in Hawally, in addition to shutting down two shops and issuance of two citations in Ahmadi. The ... April 06, 2018 336 Category: Crime News
Assembly To Expedite Approval Of Selective Tax Bill Of The MOF The government has asked the National Assembly to expedite approval of the Selective Tax Bill as per the recommendation of the Ministry of Finance. Sources said the government has stressed the need to... April 04, 2018 1319 Category: Kuwait
EPA Set To Launch A National Project To Rationalize Consumption Of Water In Kuwait The Environment Public Authority (EPA) is set to launch a national project to rationalize consumption of water in Kuwait, reports Al-Anba daily. The project will include all public facilities in minis... March 09, 2018 580 Category: Kuwait
Court Acquitted A Person Accused Of Possessing Hashish For Consumption And Sale Purposes The Criminal Court chaired by Counselor Saoud Al-Sane’a acquitted a person accused of possessing hashish for consumption and sale purposes. The case file indicates an officer intercepted the acc... March 07, 2018 553 Category: Crime News
Human Rights Committee Will Discuss The Situation Of Prisoners About Health Condition The Human Rights Committee will discuss on Thursday the situation of prisoners particularly their health condition and look into the government’s implementation of recommendations stated in its ... March 01, 2018 494 Category: Kuwait
Many Arrested In Possession Of Drugs An 18-year old Kuwaiti citizen was arrested in Mahboula area in possession of 11 “Larika” narcotic pills, crystal meth and drug paraphernalia. According to security sources, Ahmadi securit... February 25, 2018 433 Category: Crime News
Process Of Testing Food Items In Oman And UAE Take 3 Hours But It Takes 20 Days In Kuwait A number of companies that import and produce food items are requesting for the export of their products and for redirecting the imported food items that arrive in Kuwait to the markets of neighboring... January 18, 2018 755 Category: Kuwait
Fruits And Fish Confiscated In Ahmadi Emergency teams from Ahmadi Municipality launched an intensive campaign in the Governorate and confiscated vegetables, fruits and fish unfit for human consumption. SOURCE : AYMANMAT ... January 06, 2018 1495 Category: Crime News
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