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The New Kuwaiti Prime Minister Pledges To Uphold The Constitution Sheikh Ahmed Nawaf Al Ahmed Al Sabah, Kuwait's new prime minister, pledged to preserve the country's constitution, democracy, and gains, state news agency Kuna reported. As a pledge to Kuwa... July 25, 2022 193 Category: Kuwait
‘Human Rights Values Embedded In Kuwait Constitution’ The values of human rights have been firmly entrenched in Kuwait’s Constitution since the country’s independence, a Kuwaiti diplomat said on Tuesday, stressing that such a policy is aligne... December 28, 2021 128 Category: Kuwait
Is The ‘silent’ Prime Minister Responsible For Downgrading Kuwait’s Credit Rating? Who is responsible for the downgrading of the country’s credit rating? Is it the ‘silent’ prime minister, who appears to be preparing to leave, or is it the Constitution or the MPs? ... July 19, 2021 350 Category: Kuwait
Constitution And Law Would Be The Foundation Of Cooperation With Parliament, Says HH PM His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah said Wednesday the constitution and law would be the foundation of cooperation with the parliament with the objective of reaching ... March 03, 2021 300 Category: Kuwait
Al-Ghanim Lauds Constitution – Poll Coverage Specified  Director of the Election Registration Center Colonel Salah Al-Shatti has denied the rumor that the list of candidates disqualified from the 2020 parliamentary elections is ready. Al-Shatti made ... November 10, 2020 234 Category: Information
Sheikh Mishal Pledges To Respect The Constitution And Laws Of The State Sheikh Mishal took a constitutional oath where he pledged to “respect the constitution and laws of the State”. Kuwait’s National Assembly unanimously approved Sheikh Mishal A... October 08, 2020 712 Category: Kuwait
Constitution Doesn’t Ban Return Of Any Minister Subjected To Interpellation And Noconfidence Motions Constitutional expert and Law Professor at the Faculty of Law in Kuwait University Dr Mohmmad Al-Filly has affirmed that a minister who has been interrogated is constitutionally allowed to return to t... November 18, 2019 292 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Marks 57th Anniversary Of Its Constitution Kuwait today marks the 57th anniversary of the ratification of the constitution, which falls on November 11 every year. On Monday, November 11, 1962, late Amir Shaikh Abdullah Al Salem Al Sabah, th... November 11, 2019 313 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Constitution Cares For The Young, Protects From Exploitation Article 24 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights stipulates: “Every child shall have, without any discrimination as to race, color, sex, language, religion, national or soc... January 18, 2019 1108 Category: Article
VAT, Income Tax, Zakat Tax To Be Implemented Shortly The present stance of the government related to imposing taxes on remittances of expatriates gives it an opportunity to approve or dismiss the tax system.  They revealed that the government has n... April 03, 2018 2335 Category: Kuwait
KUWAIT PLACES TWO YEMENI ENTITIES, 11 INDIVIDUALS ON TERROR LIST A senior source at the Foreign Ministry has announced the designation of two Yemeni entities and 11 individuals as a terrorist. In line with Kuwait’s efforts to counter terrorism and dry up ter... October 27, 2017 1229 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Ready To Defend Cases Filed By Teachers Chairman of Fatwa and Legislation Department Judge Salah Al-Misaad affirmed that the government will deal with any attempts aimed at filing cases against Kuwait, its government domains and financial e... August 28, 2017 443 Category: Kuwait
MOHs Announcement To Exclude Expat Employees Of The Ministry Ministry of Health’s announcement to exclude expatriate employees of the ministry from the new fees for medical services contradicts the essence of its rationalization policy, especially as it a... August 08, 2017 3115 Category: Kuwait
MP Accused Individuals Of Working To Legitimize Forgery And Protect Dual Citizenship MP Khalid Al-Shatti accused individuals he calls ‘promoters of shining slogans’ of working to legitimize forgery and protect dual citizenship holders by proposing amendment to citizenship ... April 06, 2017 564 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti's Judiciary Is Independent Kuwaiti's judiciary is independent and there is no authority above the judges, according to the National Constitution, affirms Head of the Higher Judicial Council Justice Yousef Al-Mutawaa.
 ... March 07, 2017 638 Category: Kuwait
Equal Opportunities To Men And Women Under Different Circumstances “The Citizenship law discriminates against women, even though the act is against constitution”, said speakers at a recent forum titled ‘Strange in my country … the suffering o... February 19, 2017 818 Category: Kuwait
Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Have Taking A Giant Stride Towards Resolving The Problem Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Affairs have taking a giant stride towards resolving the problem related to issuance of Umra visa for Bedoun residents through coordinatio... February 02, 2017 1334 Category: Kuwait
MP Proposed To Form A Special Committee Named The National Committee To Manage Demography MP Waleed Al-Tabtabaei proposed to form a special committee named ‘The National Committee to Regulate and Manage Demography.’ As per his proposal, the committee would be responsible for ac... January 31, 2017 547 Category: Kuwait
Experts have criticized law obliging expatriates work in private sector to deal with specific private hospitals as violation Politicians and legal experts have criticized law obliging expatriates working in private sector to deal with three specific private hospitals as a violation of the Kuwaiti Constitution. Chairman o... January 13, 2017 1198 Category: Kuwait
Parliamentary Committee Urged FIFA To Ban On Kuwait Sport For 6 Months A parliamentary committee Sunday urged world's football governing body, FIFA, to lift ban on Kuwait sport for six months until issue of a new law meeting international demands but did not contradi... January 09, 2017 1771 Category: Others
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