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Domestic Workers' Conditions Have Improved According To The Human Rights Society Kuwait has taken several ministerial decisions and circulars to improve the working conditions of migrants and domestic workers alike. A Kuwaiti Arabic daily reports that the Kuwait Society for Hum... May 26, 2022 213 Category: Kuwait
To Qualify For Benefits, Beneficiaries Must Meet Two Conditions Mubarak Al-Aro, Kuwait's Minister of Social Affairs and Community Development, has issued a decision to amend the Public Aid Law's executive regulations, based on the Education, Social, and He... March 06, 2022 201 Category: Information
Circular Sent Out On Residency Conditions The Residency Affairs General Department at the Ministry of Interior recently issued a circular to the directors of its branches in the six governorates regarding the new conditions for issuing entry ... November 02, 2021 1407 Category: Kuwait
Some Beneficiaries Of Industrial Plots Do Not Meet Conditions MP Osama Al-Shaheen said there have been grave violations at the Public Authority for Industry (PAI) regarding the distribution of industrial plots. He obtained information that some plots will be dis... July 08, 2021 272 Category: Business
16 Schools Reopen Director General of the Public Authority for Handicapped Affairs (PAHA) Dr Shafiqa Al-Awadi said 16 schools that met the health conditions for specialized schools have started to receive students with... December 24, 2020 2914 Category: Education
MoI Details Conditions For Kuwaitis To Get License For Teaching Driving The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior has issued Ministerial Decision of amending articles (109 and 119) of the executive regulations of the Traffic Law to allow Kuwaitis to teach driving... December 05, 2020 390 Category: Kuwait
Conditions For Teachers In Private Schools To Obtain A Driving License The sources at the traffic department revealed 3 conditions for issuing a new driving license for foreign teachers working in private schools. The sources said that teachers working in private schools... October 27, 2020 1335 Category: Education
Conditions For Applicants Of Roaming And Call Taxis Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Operations at the Ministry of Interior Major General Jamal Al-Sayegh has issued conditions regulating the work of retired citizens and Bedoun residents as drivers ... October 20, 2020 552 Category: Information
MOH Deals With The Conditions Of Its Stranded Employees The Arabic local newspaper Alanba reported that The Ministry of Health adopted a mechanism to deal with the situation of its employees stranded abroad on the basis of considering those who were unable... September 23, 2020 1068 Category: Health
Conditions Confusing On ‘holidays’ The Ministry of Health allows doctors, technicians and administrative staff to go on a 14-day special official leave, as specified by the undersecretary of the ministry in a decision issued last July.... September 12, 2020 2060 Category: Information
Panel Conditions Demographic Exemptions The parliamentary Human Resources Development Committee continued discussions on the bill about remedying the demographic imbalance with representatives of the concerned authorities; including the Pub... August 31, 2020 514 Category: Information
Ministry Of Social Affairs: Allowing Medical Personnel To Shop In Cooperatives Without Conditions The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Affairs addressed the Chairman of the Federation of Societies to circulate on cooperatives and their branches by allowing medical staff, “doctors, ph... April 27, 2020 1012 Category: Coronavirus
MoI Specifies Conditions To Acquire Permits During Curfew Those seeking urgent medical treatment, or to attend doctor appointments or to take care of the sick will be allowed to acquire permits during the 11-hour curfew in Kuwait, the Interior Ministry said ... March 24, 2020 3953 Category: Coronavirus
Philippines Ban On New Recruitment To Stay Until Conditions Are Met The Presidential Palace in the Philippines announced today, Thursday, that the total ban on sending new Filipino workers to Kuwait has been formally activated, and he addressed a letter to the governm... January 18, 2020 1612 Category: Filipinos
Conditions Set For Jobs In KPC Opposed Some of the conditions of employment as announced by the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) say the applicant should have graduated not more than 3 years and should not be working for any company and ... January 16, 2020 311 Category: Kuwait
MOH Increases the age limit for Nurse Jobs The Ministry of Health has amended the conditions for receiving applications from those desiring to join the ministry’s nursing staff, reports Al-Anba daily. The amendment includes the applic... December 10, 2019 647 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaitis Are ‘more Satisfied’ With Their Conditions Than Citizens Of The Other Nations In The Region The initial results in a recent opinion poll conducted by the “Arab Barometer” showed that Kuwaitis are more satisfied with their conditions than citizens of the other nations in the regio... August 26, 2019 308 Category: Kuwait
Terms And Conditions For Granting Excellent Performance Bonus Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Hammed Al-Azmi issued his annual directive on the terms and conditions for granting excellent performance bonus to deserving employees in the General Diwa... August 04, 2019 511 Category: Kuwait
PAM Tends To Impose New Conditions On The Transactions Of Residents Over The Age Of 65 The Public Authority for Manpower tends to impose new conditions on the transactions of residents over the age of 65 who do not hold university degrees or equivalent, reports Al-Qabas daily. Some d... May 10, 2019 426 Category: Kuwait
MOE Has Issued A Circular On The Terms And Conditions To Apply For Supervisory Posts Ministry of Education has issued a circular on the terms and conditions to be met in order to apply for supervisory positions in the education sector, reports Al-Rai daily. The circular was sent to al... March 26, 2019 362 Category: Kuwait
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