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Ministry Of Interior Refuted News Items That Went Viral On Social Media Concerning Piles Of Sand On Artal Road And Several Open Areas General Department of Public Relations and Media Security in the Ministry of Interior has refuted the news items that went viral on social media recently concerning piles of sand on Artal road and sev... July 09, 2019 449 Category: Kuwait
431 Violations Concerning Theft Of Electric Power And Water Recorded During 2018 The head of the judicial police in the Ministry of Electricity and Water Adnan Dashti announced the issuance of 431 violations concerning theft of electric power and water during 2018, reports Al-Qaba... May 05, 2019 374 Category: Crime News
MP Demands Probe Into Concerning The Murder Of A Kuwaiti Citizen After a week-long silence from both the government and Parliament of Kuwait concerning the murder of a Kuwaiti citizen in Cairo about two months after a Kuwaiti citizen was murdered in the Egyptian ci... March 24, 2019 330 Category: Crime News
862 Firms Probed For Violation Of Law Concerning Private Sector Company The Director of Labor Inspection Department at the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) Mohammad Al- Ansari revealed 862 companies were referred to the judiciary and the general administration of inves... December 13, 2018 339 Category: Crime News
Fire In Mubarakiya Store Fire-fighters from Kuwait City and Al-Hilali stations succeeded in extinguishing a fire that engulfed a store covering 40 square/meters dimension at a building in Al-Mubarakiya. No casualties were rec... December 13, 2018 473 Category: Crime News
Truckers Violating Traffic Hours Secretary General of Kuwait Engineers Society (KES) Fahd Al-Otaibi has called on the concerned authority to adjust the traffic regulation concerning road usage by trucks to oblige truckers to be commi... December 09, 2018 431 Category: Crime News
Erdogan, When Will Show End DESPITE the Turkish official media’s rattling preview of the speech of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan before the Parliament, nothing much was mentioned except questions which indicated h... October 25, 2018 1118 Category: Article
Cooperation Between UN-MEW Concerning Power And Water Sustainability Director of Energy Efficiency and Rationalization Department at Ministry of Electricity and Water Eng Iqbal Al-Tayyar revealed about the ongoing cooperation between the ministry and the United Nations... October 07, 2018 722 Category: Business
Some Lawmakers Hit Out At Government Concerning High Cost Of Hiring Maids Several lawmakers have admonished the government to be more proactive by playing the expected role in resolving the problem concerning high cost of hiring domestic workers, which is said to have reach... August 05, 2018 404 Category: Kuwait
MP Safa Al-Hashem Unsatisfied Over Response Of Bodies Concerning Employment Rapporteur of Parliament’s committee for Replacement and Employment Crisis MP Safa Al-Hashem expressed her dissatisfaction over the responses of bodies concerned with employment, reports Al-Rai ... July 01, 2018 674 Category: Kuwait
Civil ID Number Changed When Came Back On New Visa I have been living in Kuwait since 2009. On Dec 26, 2017 I had exited the country and came back on a new visa on March 10, 2018. My company could not complete the residency process on time due to t... May 14, 2018 4269 Category: Civil ID
Recruitment Of Domestics The Union of Domestic Labor Offices announced that an agreement has been reached with Ministry of Foreign Affairs to activate cooperation with other countries concerning recruitment of domestic worker... April 01, 2018 1379 Category: Kuwait
ACPA Will Soon Start Investigating The Money Laundering Issue Concerning Indian Nurses The Anti-Corruption Public Authority (ACPA) will soon start investigating the money laundering issue concerning Indian nurses quoting sources. Sources affirmed that ACPA has taken the necessary mea... August 31, 2017 608 Category: Kuwait
KISR Issued A Warning Concerning The Sharp Deterioration Of Fish Stock In The Kuwait While Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research (KISR) issued a warning concerning the sharp deterioration of fish stock in the Kuwaiti regional waters and gradual extinction of some types of fish, the ... April 27, 2017 2188 Category: Kuwait
Canada Plans To Promote Mega Enterprises In Kuwait's Infrastructure Canada plans to promote mega enterprises in Kuwait's infrastructure, with prospected participation of other foreign entrepreneurs according to the partnership formula bonding the private and publi... March 31, 2017 719 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Will Implement The Joint Tax Agreement Ministry of Finance settled the controversy concerning the schedule for implementing Value Added Tax (VAT) system, when the Undersecretary of the ministry Khalifa Hamada diminished any possibility for... March 27, 2017 1765 Category: Kuwait
Government Not Decided To Deport Expatriates From The Country “The government has not decided to deport expatriates from the country and it does not intend to do so”, says the State Minister for Cabinet Affairs Sheikh Mohammad Al-Abdullah Al-Mubarak ... January 19, 2017 2181 Category: Kuwait
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