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Comply With Safety And Security Measures The Firefighting General Department has called on owners of spring camps to strictly comply with safety and security procedures when setting up camps in order to protect lives and properties, indicati... November 17, 2019 374 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait To Comply With Egypt Extradition Deal Cairo has now identified most members of the Muslim Brotherhood group who had fled Egypt after the June 30, 2013 Revolution fearing arrest by the Egyptian security authorities, reports Al-Qabas daily ... September 09, 2019 224 Category: Kuwait
Legal Time Allotted To Adhere To Kuwaits E-media Law Will Run Out On July 25 The legal time allotted to adhere to Kuwait’s electronic media (e-media) law will run out on July 25, an official said on Wednesday. Speaking to the press, Mohammad Al-Awash, the Ministry of Inf... July 06, 2017 539 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti Embassy Urges Citizens To Comply With Swiss Ban On Veil The Republic and Canton of Ticino in Switzerland announced a ban on wearing the veil (Niqab/burqa) in public places from July 1. The Kuwaiti Embassy issued a statement urging citizens to comply w... June 10, 2016 1174 Category: Information
Indians In Kuwait Advised To Comply With Residency, Visa Laws India has advised its nationals residing in Kuwait to comply with local residency and visa laws as a number of expatriates have been arrested for overstaying and other violations.  India has a... May 11, 2016 2785 Category: Kuwait
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