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Can Company Reject Resignation? I work at a private company with an unlimited period contract. (Termination of the contract is subject to Kuwait private sector labor law) I submitted my resignation to my manager and sent it by e-mai... December 18, 2019 4396 Category: Legal
Company Doesn’t Give Release After 3 Yrs I have been working in my company for the past 3 years. I am a degree holder, too. The company that I am working doesn’t give release even to staff that have been working for 6 years so they go ... December 10, 2019 7371 Category: Legal
MOH Signed Contracts To Supply Medicine And Equipment’s With A Company Belonging To The Minister The spokesperson of Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority “Nazaha” and Assistant Secretary General for Corruption Detection and Investigation Dr Mohammad Bu Zabr revealed that the authority was... November 28, 2019 317 Category: Kuwait
Visa Transfer To Competitor Company I am working as a mechanical QC in my present company. My visa had been stamped as a ‘mechanical engineer’ on project visa and I have NOC from KSE also.   I joined this company af... November 24, 2019 452 Category: Legal
KOC CEO Unveiled Plan To Relinquish Company’s Land The Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) Chief Executive Emad Al-Sultan unveiled a plan for the company to relinquish land after updating all data and geological and geophysical studies, pointing out that KOC has... November 04, 2019 960 Category: Business
Company Not Paying On Eid Holidays And Other Holidays We are working during eid holidays and whatever holidays in Kuwait but our company is not paying us for working on these holidays. What action can we take regarding this issue. Please guide us. Nam... October 29, 2019 976 Category: Legal
Egyptian Goes Missing After Stealing KD 8,000 From Company’s Account A Kuwaiti, who owns a foodstuff company has filed a complaint with the police in the Capital governorate accusing one of the employees of stealing KD 8,000 from the company’s account, reports Al... October 13, 2019 370 Category: Crime News
Company Uniform Please find attached my company’s uniform issuance form. Please advise if I can sign this form or not. Name withheld Answer: We have gone through the company’s uniform issuance form an... October 09, 2019 809 Category: Legal
Company Forcing To Resign – What Should I Do? I was hired from another company as technician. I signed one year contract with the company and it is renewable. Last week my manager tells me that the company will not renew my contract anymore and t... October 05, 2019 547 Category: Legal
Came Late From Vacation Company Telling To Resign I came late from my annual leave which was 30 days, and I came back after 35 days, 5 days late. My manager didn’t allow me to work for 2 more days and now he is saying I was late for a total of ... October 04, 2019 11437 Category: Legal
New ID Cards For Company Representatives The Acting Director-General of the Residence Affairs Department Colonel Sheikh Abdullah Al-Malek Al-Sabah has issued an administrative order according to which new identities will be issued to company... September 24, 2019 564 Category: Kuwait
Out Of Kuwait – Sent Resignation To Company I need your advice on my situation with my company. I travelled out of Kuwait on my annual leave and due to some work here I cannot return for few more weeks. I informed my company and they have repli... September 16, 2019 5416 Category: Legal
Company Giving Only 15 Days Annual Leave May I know if it is right or legal for a company to have a rule of only 15 days annual leave should be carried out on the following year. For example at the end of 2019 my accumulated annual leave is ... September 07, 2019 3361 Category: Legal
Resignation Letter Issue On April 29, 2019, I had submitted my resignation letter. One week later, my direct superior, who is the HR manager of the company, and I discussed about it after which we reached a verbal agreement t... August 31, 2019 838 Category: Legal
Resignation Due To Health Reasons – Company Asking To Pay For Expenses Incurred I am a dietician working in a private company. I submitted my resignation on health issues due to eight hours continues work without any break time. I can no longer bear the stress. I joined the compa... August 22, 2019 394 Category: Legal
Company Demanding Immediate Cancellation Of Visa And Exit I am working in a private firm in Kuwait and received an opportunity to study abroad in Germany. I had discussed about this opportunity with my management and they told me verbally that I would have t... July 25, 2019 7737 Category: Legal
Company Never Pays For Public Holidays Will It Be Included In My Indemnity? I have been working in restaurant since April 2014. My residency is going to expire July 23, 2019. I do not want to renew my contract. My question is am I entitled to get my whole indemnity from the c... July 24, 2019 2097 Category: Indemnity
Campaign To Check Validity Of Company Licenses Results In Citations Worth KD 130,000 The Safety Department of Mubarak Al-Kabeer Municipality launched inspection tours of a number of companies within the governorate to check on the validity of their licenses, as well as make sure there... July 07, 2019 388 Category: Kuwait
Egyptian Nurses Air Grievances – Recruitment Company Asking Money A group of Egyptian nurses working for the Egyptian Ministry of Health have expressed their displeasure with a medical services company believed to have been contracted by the Ministry of Health of Ku... July 07, 2019 507 Category: Kuwait
Insurance Company To Pay Compensation Worth KD 20,000 To A Kuwaiti The Civil Court has ordered Ministry of Public Works and an insurance company to pay compensation worth KD 20,000 to a Kuwaiti citizen for the damages that his car sustained during the heavy rains wit... July 02, 2019 2517 Category: Kuwait
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