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Kannada Actress Jayashree Ramaiah Dies By Suicide Kannada actress Jayashree Ramaiah died by suicide on Monday at the Sandhya Kiran Old Age Home and Rehabilitation Centre on the city's outskirts, the police said. A case has been filed at the Ma... January 25, 2021 503 Category: India
A Sri Lankan Commits Suicide In Mahboula Area A body of a Sri Lankan was referred to forensic department after he committed suicide in Mahboula area, his co-workers stated that he had received a letter from his country perhaps it might be the rea... October 06, 2020 679 Category: Crime News
Indian Commits Suicide; Guard Drowns An Indian ended his life by hanging himself with a rope in the Ali Sabah Al-Salem area, reports Al-Rai daily. Without going into details the daily said when police were informed of the incident, param... September 17, 2020 496 Category: Crime News
Indian Commits Suicide In Mishref An Indian committed suicide by hanging himself in the suburb of West Mishref, reports Al-Rai daily. A security source stated that as soon as the Operations Room of the Ministry of Interior received a ... September 07, 2020 583 Category: India
Filipino Commits Suicide In Hawally A building guard in Hawally reported to operations room of MOI that a body was lying in the courtyard of the building. After the security men rushed to the location it became clear that the corpse bel... August 27, 2020 993 Category: Filipinos
Nepalese Woman Commits Suicide In ِAhmadi A Nepalese woman ended her life by hanging herself with a rope inside her room in ِAhmadi Governorate, the body of the woman was referred to Forensics.   SOURCE : KWTOFFERINGS ... April 27, 2020 3772 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Commits Suicide An Egyptian man in his 40s committed suicide with a rope inside an apartment in Fintas area, according to preliminary investigations the man was suffering from depression,Police have registered the in... March 04, 2020 516 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Man Commits Immoral Behavior On Social Media Officers from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) have arrested a citizen who appeared in a video clip violating the customs and traditions of the country, reports Al-Rai daily. A statemen... November 12, 2019 435 Category: Crime News
Indian Commit Suicide By Hanging With A Rope The remains of an Indian who allegedly ended his life by hanging himself with a rope inside his room have been referred to the Forensic medicine for an autopsy, reports Al-Rai daily. The incident h... August 04, 2019 2070 Category: Crime News
Unidentified Indian Commits Suicide The remains of an unidentified Indian, who allegedly committed suicide inside the chalet of his Kuwaiti sponsor in the south of the country, have been referred to Forensics, reports Al-Rai daily. The ... May 03, 2019 446 Category: Crime News
Citizen Commits Suicide By Jumping From 6th Floor A Kuwaiti citizen in his 60s jumped from the sixth floor of a building in Nugra area holding a Holy Quran. The neighbors revealed that the citizen was suffering from psychological and financial proble... April 21, 2019 312 Category: Crime News
Ethiopian Woman Commits Suicide An Ethiopian woman is said to have ended her life by jumping to her death from a high rise building in Hawalli, reports Al-Rai daily. Acting on information police and paramedics rushed to the spot and... March 31, 2019 277 Category: Crime News
Asian Maid Commits Suicide By Hanging To The Ceiling Fan The remains of an Asian unidentified housemaid who allegedly committed suicide by hanging herself with a rope tied to the ceiling fan in the outhouse of her sponsor, have been referred to Forensics, r... December 07, 2018 2092 Category: Crime News
Housemaid Commits Suicide Housemaid committed suicide inside her sponsor’s house in Jahra area by hanging herself. When the Operations room of Ministry of Interior received information about the incident, securitymen rus... October 05, 2018 504 Category: Crime News
Bangladeshi Body Found Inside An Apartment In Salmiya Hawalli Chief Prosecutor ordered the concerned official to register the death of a Bangladeshi man whose lifeless body was found inside an apartment in Salmiya area as ‘suicide’, reports A... September 11, 2018 477 Category: Crime News
Hitler Of Iran Commits Suicide At Basra Gates IT HAS become clear that the Iranian expansion project has reached an impasse. The sectarian arms used by the Iranian regime to mobilize supporters have fallen, especially in Iraq which was considered... September 10, 2018 1142 Category: article
Nepali Man Commits Suicide Nepali man ended his life by hanging himself with a rope tied to the ceiling fan in his company in Mina Abdullah, the daily added. A friend said, the man ended his life after he discovered his wife wa... November 19, 2017 704 Category: Crime News
Indian Woman Commits Suicide An Indian woman, identified only as Shehnaz, allegedly ended her life by jumping from the sixth floor of a complex in Sharq, reports Al- Anba daily. It is reported the victim was suffering from psycho... November 19, 2017 1468 Category: Crime News
Indian Commits Suicide In Rawda A 26-year-old Indian man committed suicide in Rawda area, securitymen headed to the scene in response to an emergency call and found the man’s body hanging from a rope tied to the ceiling fan in... August 21, 2017 873 Category: Crime News
Indian Commits Suicide After Quarreling With His Wife An Indian national committed suicide in Khaitan area, security men headed to the scene after receiving a call about the incident, they found the man’s body hanging from a rope, the neighbors sai... August 07, 2017 714 Category: Crime News
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