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On King Fahd Road, A Jeep Collides With A Diesel Truck There was an accident on King Fahd Road between a jeep and a diesel truck on Sunday evening that injured a citizen. Fire forces from the Mangaf center responded to the accident site and rescued the... May 29, 2022 195 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti, Girl Critically Injured In Wafra Collision On Monday evening, two vehicles collided on Al-Wafra Road, causing severe injuries to a Kuwaiti and an unidentified young woman. Firefighters from Al-Kut handled the accident, pulled out the victims f... April 26, 2022 142 Category: Crime News
A Vehicle Collision Leaves Two Injured On Tuesday evening, a Kuwaiti family's car overturned on Ahmed Al-Jaber Street. During an accident, an expatriate driver collided with another vehicle, resulting in injuries. As soon as the accide... February 09, 2022 140 Category: Crime News
Three Injured On Al-Ghous Street A collision Friday evening on Al-Ghous Street, opposite Mishref, seriously injured two Kuwaitis and a citizen from an unidentified Gulf country. The Public Relations and Media Department of the Gen... February 05, 2022 201 Category: Crime News
A Collision Ended The Life Of An Expatriate In Abu Halifa An unidentified expatriate died following a traffic accident in Abu Halifa. After the operations of the Ministry of Interior received a report about the accident, traffic police and paramedics rushed ... November 30, 2021 316 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Dies, 5 Family Members Injured In Collision In Al-Khairan An Egyptian died and 5 members of his family were injured when the vehicle ran out of control and crashed into a lamppost on Road 285 near the Al-Khairan Chalets. When the Operations Room of the Mi... October 19, 2021 906 Category: Crime News
Injured Kuwaiti Taken To Hospital A citizen was injured following a collision between two vehicles on Al-Ghazali Road this morning, reports Al-Rai daily. Immediately after the accident, personnel from the Farwaniya Fire Center rush... October 18, 2021 327 Category: Crime News
‘Failure Of Brakes Led To Collision’ The Kuwaiti Embassy in Turkey is closely coordinating with the Turkish authorities regarding investigations into an accident involving a Kuwaiti whose car collided with eight vehicles; which led to th... August 11, 2021 420 Category: Crime News
One Hurt In Yacht, Cruiser Collision One person was injured following a collision between a yacht and a 25-foot cruiser off Kubbar Island, reports Al-Seyassah daily. Acting on information personnel from the Shuaiba Maritime Center and th... May 30, 2021 339 Category: Crime News
Asian Resident Dies, Another Wounded In A Road Accident A resident died and another was injured in a collision this morning between two trucks transporting water on King Faisal Road, opposite the Khaitan area, Al Qabas reported. Rescuers from the Farwan... April 22, 2021 575 Category: Kuwait
Asian Dead, Four Hurt In Head-on Collision A violent head-on collision on the Kabd Road opposite the Fire School caused the death of one Asian and injury to four, reports Al- Anba daily. A security source the victim died on the spot. The injur... September 08, 2020 517 Category: Information
Three Civilians Die After A Collision On The Abdali Road Three civilians were charred, and another citizen was injured in a collision between two cars that set fire to them on the Abdali Farms road, and the bodies of the deceased were transported to the for... August 30, 2020 841 Category: Information
Two People Injured In A Collision On The 7th Ring Road A citizen and resident of one of the Arab nationalities was slightly injured in a collision that occurred shortly before on the Seventh Ring Road. In the details, a report reported that a collision... August 13, 2020 577 Category: Crime News
2 Vehicle Collision - Kuwaiti Dead And 9 Injured One Kuwaiti died and 9 others were injured following a two-vehicle collision on the Al-Wafra Road. The injured were taken to the Adan Hospital, reports Al-Rai daily. A security source said by perso... November 19, 2019 760 Category: Crime News
4 US Soldiers, Sri Lankan Were Injured In 2-vehicle Collision Four American soldiers and a Sri Lankan were injured following a collision Tuesday morning between a US military vehicle and a truck near Khubari Al-Awazem, reports Al-Anba daily. A security source sa... March 07, 2019 362 Category: Crime News
2 Asians Injured In Salmi Road Collision Two Asians who were injured in a two-vehicle collision on Al-Salmi road have been admitted to the intensive care unit of Al-Jahra Hospital, reports Al-Rai daily. Paramedics and firemen rushed to th... October 21, 2018 796 Category: Crime News
Collision Holds Up Traffic For Three Hours Traffic was brought to a standstill for almost three hours when a heavy-duty vehicle collided with a petrol tanker on the Sixth Ring Road Opposite Sulaibiya area, resulting in oil pour-out and injury ... October 16, 2018 690 Category: Crime News
15 Oil Workers Are Dead Fifteen oil workers, most of them from the Indian subcontinent, were killed Sunday in a head-on collision between two buses in southern Kuwait, officials said. Seven of those killed were Indian nation... April 02, 2018 2147 Category: Crime News
Duo Injured 2 people were injured in a two-vehicle collision on the Seventh Ring Road, reports Al-Anba daily. The injury happened when their vehicle was involved in a collision with a trailer truck transportin... January 15, 2018 817 Category: Crime News
23 Cars Collision Due To Smog On Yamuna Express Way Delhi India Delhi woke up to a thick layer of smog surrounding the city, again. While primary schools were shut, offices and college goers had to face many problems due to low visibility on the roads. While ma... November 08, 2017 1453 Category: International
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