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2nd Semester Of Colleges And Institutes Will Resume From Next Sunday Testing for the coronavirus has been very much in the news. The first and most urgent focus is on increasing access to tests to diagnose people with current infections. Doctors use PCR test to diagnos... August 06, 2020 628 Category: Education
Dean Has Criticized Lack Of Coordination Between MOE And Teachers Colleges Dean of the College of Education at Kuwait University Dr Bader Al-Omar has criticized lack of coordination between the Ministry of Education and teachers’ colleges. He wondered why the College o... March 14, 2017 574 Category: Kuwait
MPs Propose Total Coeducation Ban At All Schools , Colleges And Other Educational Facilities In Kuwait A number of lawmaker proposed an amendment that gives the government the power to force a coeducation ban at all schools, colleges and other educational facilities in Kuwait – including private ... May 05, 2016 4355 Category: New Rules
Schools & Colleges Are Safe At Kuwait “Kuwait is a bold stick for troublemakers who try to breach its social structure that has been well-knit for long years,” reports Al-Rai daily Minister of Education and Higher Educ... August 19, 2015 1480 Category: Kuwait
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