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Government Schools Suffer From A Cleaning Crisis Financial controllers are refusing to pay any dues to enterprises until they pay the fines imposed by them, causing a new crisis in the employment of cleaning staff at the Ministry of Education. Wh... April 10, 2022 111 Category: Information
Cleaners Fail To Show Up For Work Hundreds of cleaning workers failed to show up for work in schools in 5 educational areas, except for Farwaniya, because the company they are working for has failed to pay them their salaries. An e... March 17, 2022 323 Category: Kuwait
900 Cleaners And 400 Teachers Are Employed By MOE The Ministry of Education has completed the procedures for the hire of about 400 new teachers (locally) in preparation for the second semester, which will begin on March 6, and has begun the process f... February 15, 2022 281 Category: Education
Private Schools Say Shortage Of Teachers, Bus Drivers, Cleaners, Worrisome The decision by the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) to stop converting commercial visas into residence visas the private community schools particularly the Indian, Pakistani and Filipino schools w... December 06, 2021 593 Category: Kuwait
No Cleaners To Lift Garbage Piles The head of the contracts department in the Municipal Council Eng. Abdul Salam Al Randi, coordinator of the cleanliness committee Eng. Maha Al-Baghli made a tour of Mubarak Al-Kabeer and other centers... October 18, 2020 545 Category: Information
5 Months Salaries Of Cleaners Not Paid A large number of expats working for Ministry of Education held a sit-in yesterday to protest against the non-payment of their salaries for about 5 months. They urged the companies to expedite the dis... December 02, 2019 347 Category: Kuwait
Municipality Ready To Study Issue Of Change In Working Hours Of Cleaners The Acting Director-General of Kuwait Municipality Engineer Faisal Al-Juma, said the Municipality is ready to study the issue of change in the working hours of cleaners, especially in the morning, due... January 21, 2019 550 Category: Kuwait
Road Cleaners Working Hours From 4 Am To 7 Am – Right To Arrest Those Who Beg Officials from the Manpower Protection Sector (Central Inspection Department) at the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) and Kuwait Municipality met recently, during which they agreed to set the worki... October 23, 2018 759 Category: Kuwait
PAM Presented A Mechanism To Reduce The No.of Cleaners And Security Guards The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) presented a mechanism to reduce the number of cleaners and security guards in governmental bodies by 25 percent during its meeting with the concerned authoritie... December 03, 2017 979 Category: Kuwait
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