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Airports Deny Expats Boarding Flight To Kuwait As ‘Resident Identity Card’ Is Not Mentioned On Civil ID As passengers contend with the end of issuance of residence stickers in their passports, airlines have reported a few incidents on their outgoing flights from Kuwait. An official from a national So... July 19, 2019 13527 Category: Civil ID
Expats Whose Passports Have Valid Residency Stickers Are Not Required To Amend Their Data In Their Civil ID Expatriates whose passports have valid residency stickers are not required to amend their data in their civil ID, and they can travel to and from Kuwait, reports Al-Seyassah daily quoting Director Gen... March 21, 2019 1699 Category: Civil ID
Verify Spellings On Civil ID And Passport, Mistake Could Prevent Entry And Exit From Kuwait  Undersecretary of Ministry of Interior Lieutenant General Essam Al-Naham organized the first meeting to discuss all issues concerning canceling residency stickers in the passports of expatriates... March 15, 2019 4046 Category: Civil ID
22,000 KD Paid To Get Kuwaiti Passports Two weeks back there is a  news that "Two borothers caught for fake Kuwaiti Citizenship after 22 years"  They paid KD 11,000 each to get citizenship , Syrian made a deal with tw... January 01, 2016 10674 Category: Kuwait
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