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MP Queries Over False Info In Citizenship Applications MP Badr Al-Humaidi has forwarded queries to Minister of Interior Sheikh Thamer Ali Al-Sabah about the citizenship applications, in which the information provided were found to be false since 2000 till... December 26, 2021 200 Category: Kuwait
Granting Kuwaiti Citizenship Is A Sovereign Right; No Intention To Establish ‘unification Of Judgments’ Dept A high-ranking legal source said there is no tendency at the moment to establish a ‘unification of judgments’ department before the courts of cassation on the issue of nationality cases an... October 25, 2021 478 Category: Kuwait
What Prevents Kuwait From Issuing Passports To Bedouns, Expatriates Who Have Resided For Long Years … What prevents the state from issuing passports to the Bedoun in the vast land of God? There are many Bedoun who will find access to countries that know how to invest in their abilities and talents. So... September 01, 2021 805 Category: Kuwait
Two Separate Amiri Decrees Issued To Withdraw Kuwaiti Citizenship Of Eight People In the first decree two women were stripped of their citizenship who had acquired it by ‘dependence’, based on Article 4/13 and Article 1/13 of the Amiri Decree No. 15 of 1959 of the Kuwai... August 29, 2021 661 Category: Kuwait
Bid To Grant Kuwaiti’s Expat Wife The Right To Apply For ‘citizenship’ MP Abdullah Al- Turaiji submitted a bill on amending Nationality Law number 15/1959 that stipulates granting a non-Kuwaiti woman married to a Kuwaiti the right to apply for Kuwaiti citizenship after 2... June 02, 2021 908 Category: Expats
Abu Dhabi Invites Expats To Explore Long-term Visa, Citizenship Options Abu Dhabi has launched a programme inviting all talented professionals, students and investors to settle down with their families in the UAE capital. Called Thrive in Abu Dhabi, the initiative seek... February 11, 2021 1707 Category: Information
Campaign To Catch Kuwaitis With Dual Citizenship  Security authorities embarked on a mission to find Kuwaiti citizens with dual citizenship in the eve of the elections through a thorough check at the border entry points. Such citizens, who are ... December 05, 2020 1197 Category: Kuwait
How India Ended Up In Turmoil Over Citizenship India has been embroiled in protests since December, when Parliament passed a bill amending the country’s citizenship law. The new law provides a fast track to naturalization for some migrants w... January 22, 2020 359 Category: India
Kuwaiti Who Converted To Judaism Loses Citizenship Kuwait's Ministry of Interior has revoked the citizenship of a man who converted to Judaism. The 25-year-old Kuwaiti citizen has been identified as Youssef Al Mehanna. Mehanna changed his na... December 19, 2019 3404 Category: Kuwait
Demonstrators Back - Citizenship Is Our Demand After years of calm and peace in the country, demonstrations have returned to Erada Square, reports Al-Seyassah daily. The call for demonstration was made by former MP Saleh Al- Mulla via his Twitter ... November 07, 2019 588 Category: Kuwait
Bill To Establish Central Power On Citizenship MP Marzouq Al-Ghanim disclosed that he and several other MPs submitted the Bedoun Bill last Thursday, indicating another bill on the establishment of a central authority for citizenship and the detect... November 05, 2019 327 Category: Kuwait
59 Kuwaiti Men And Women Lose Citizenship The citizenship of 59 Kuwaiti men and women were revoked based on a decision issued by the higher committee for citizenship affairs headed by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Khal... July 22, 2019 6528 Category: Kuwait
2 Kuwaitis And 4 Syrians Have Been Taken Into Custody In Acquiring Citizenship By Fraud Case After the Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Lt-Gen Sheikh Khalid Al-Jarrah issued instructions to the Undersecretary of the Ministry Lt General Essam Al-Nham to follow up the issue of forged... April 25, 2019 332 Category: Kuwait
Bill Proposes Citizenship For Foreign Woman Married To A Kuwaiti After 18 Years The Nationality, Passports and Travel Documents Sector of the Ministry of Interior has submitted a draft law to the Interior and Defence Committee of the National Assembly to amend the law granting ci... April 17, 2019 328 Category: Kuwait
Annul Faith As Requirement In Granting Kuwaiti Citizenship Despite the controversial debates on two bills amending several provisions of Nationality Law number 15/1959 to allow the naturalization of non-Muslims, these bills have been included in the agenda of... January 27, 2019 532 Category: Kuwait
Non-Muslims Cannot Obtain Kuwaiti Citizenship Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Lt-Gen Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah said that “those who want to obtain Kuwaiti citizenship must be a Muslim”, reports Al-Rai daily. “The go... January 18, 2019 2396 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaitis Are Buying Maltese Citizenship – Issue Sparks Controversy Two Saudi families comprising 62 members who are said to have acquired the Maltese citizenship costing millions of Euros, are entitled to be citizens of the European Union, reports Al-Rai daily quotin... January 01, 2019 944 Category: Kuwait
Panel No To Citizenship For Non-Muslims The parliamentary Interior and Defense Committee on Thursday rejected the proposal to grant Kuwaiti citizenship to non-Muslims in accordance with Article Two of the Constitution which stipulates: &ldq... December 28, 2018 605 Category: Kuwait
Proposal Approves Kuwaiti Citizenship For Non-Muslims In a bid to eliminate discrimination and achieve equality within the framework of international human rights standards, the parliamentary committee for legal and legislation affairs has approved a pro... November 21, 2018 757 Category: Kuwait
Flaw In Citizenship Law MP Khaled Al-Shatti has presented a bill on abolishing Article Five of the Nationality Law, which states the Kuwaiti nationality applicant must be a Muslim. In his statement one year ago, Al-Shatti p... November 16, 2018 951 Category: Article
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