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Perfectly Intact Baby Dinosaur Embryo Found In China, It's 72 Million-Years-Old Palaeontologists from the University of Birmingham have found an extremely rare, preserved dinosaur embryo curled up inside a fossilised egg, in southern China. They say the embryo, which... December 22, 2021 357 Category: Technology
Streamlining Business Between Kuwait And China The Consul General of Kuwait in Shanghai Mishal Al- Shamali said Tuesday that there is a serious need to start implementing the agreements concluded between Kuwait and China by setting a systematic in... September 28, 2021 235 Category: Business
China Declares All Crypto-currency Transactions Illegal "Virtual currency-related business activities are illegal financial activities," the People's Bank of China said, warning it "seriously endangers the safety of people's assets&q... September 26, 2021 506 Category: International
Customs Seizes 1 Ton 221 Kgs Of Tobacco Smuggled In From China The Customs department seized a large quantity of tobacco estimated at 1,221 tons in the Doha warehouse, the shipment had come from a Gulf country to Shuwaikh port. It was hidden inside a ship and was... September 23, 2021 464 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Airways Transported 10,000 Passengers And 6,000 Tons Of Goods Between Kuwait And China The Acting Chief Executive Officer of Kuwait Airways, Captain Issa Al-Haddad, received a message from the Chinese Ambassador to the country, Li Minggang, which included congratulating Kuwait Airways o... August 26, 2021 2691 Category: Travel
‘We Will Intensify Efforts With Kuwait To Include Our Vaccine’ The Chinese Ambassador to Kuwait Li Minggang said he will intensify China’s efforts with Kuwait to include the Chinese Sinovac vaccine in the list of vaccines it has approved to contain the Covi... July 28, 2021 688 Category: Coronavirus
WHO Approved Russian And Chinese Vaccines Rejected By Kuwait Despite Opening WHO’s Regional Office The World Health Organization – which recently opened its regional office in Kuwait after other Gulf countries rejected it – has given its nod to the Russian and Chinese vaccines, while Ku... June 26, 2021 1337 Category: Kuwait
Bahrain Vaccinates Pfizer Jabs After Receiving Two Shots Of China’s Sinopharm Vaccine Bahrain has begun offering a booster shot of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine for some people, six months after they received two shots of China’s Sinopharm vaccine. The mixing of vaccine... June 03, 2021 994 Category: International
16 People Were Killed During A Mountain Race In China Due To Bad Weather A least 16 people were killed and five others are still missing in northwest China due to a wave of bad weather that hit runners who were participating in a 100-kilometer mountain race, as reported by... May 23, 2021 264 Category: International
Canada's Parliament Declares China's Treatment Of Uighurs 'genocide' Canadian lawmakers have overwhelmingly approved a non-binding motion accusing China of committing genocide against its Muslim minorities in the western region of Xinjiang, further straining ties betwe... February 24, 2021 398 Category: International
China Suspends Direct Flights To And From Britain Beijing will suspend direct flights to and from Britain indefinitely due to concerns about the outbreak of a new strain of the Coronavirus there, said Wang Wenbin, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman... December 24, 2020 415 Category: International
China Bails Out Pakistan For Repayment Of Debt To Saudi Arabia China has agreed to bail out Pakistan by providing it with $1.5 billion to help to repay a $2 billion debt to Saudi Arabia, according to the Express Tribune. Citing anonymous sources in the Finance... December 15, 2020 1399 Category: International
China Records 12 New Cases Of Corona The National Health Commission of China said today, Tuesday, that the mainland reported 12 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday, down from 15 the previous day. The committee added in a statement that 10... December 08, 2020 265 Category: Coronavirus
China Clears Itself: Corona Is An Indian Virus Chinese researchers pointed the finger at India, as the original origin of the Corona virus, which was described by the British newspaper "Daily Mail", as an attempt by academics to place th... November 28, 2020 6564 Category: Coronavirus
Kuwait Says G77 & China Strive To Achieve Sustainable Development Kuwaiti Minister Plenipotentiary and Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations said the Group of 77 and China are making great efforts to find suitable solutions to the challenges in the q... November 15, 2020 274 Category: Kuwait
China Prevents Travelers From Britain And Belgium From Entering Its Territory Due To Corona – China, on Wednesday, banned foreign travelers from Britain and Belgium from entering its territories due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic in these two countries and tightened restricti... November 05, 2020 310 Category: Coronavirus
China Calls On India To Hand Over One Of Its Soldiers The Chinese Ministry of Defense called on the Indian authorities to hand over a soldier who lost his way in the mountainous region of Ladakh on the border between the two countries. Earlier, the In... October 21, 2020 415 Category: International
Trade With China Worth US$19 Billion, Says Kuwaiti Diplomat China is Kuwait’s largest trading partner with bilateral exchanges worth more than USD 19 billion, Kuwaiti Consul-General in Shanghai Mishal Al-Shemali revealed on Tuesday. On the occasion of th... September 29, 2020 251 Category: Business
COVID-19: Kuwait Surpasses China In Number Of Cases As of August 31, Kuwait has surpassed mainland China in the total number of COVID-19 cases. Kuwait reported 463 news cases in the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of COVID-19 cases to 85,10... August 31, 2020 639 Category: Coronavirus
Pakistan Navy Welcomes 'most Advanced' Warship Delivered By China China has launched the “most advanced” warship for Pakistan Navy that will boost the country’s capability to respond to future challenges. The launch ceremony for the first of four T... August 24, 2020 444 Category: International
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