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Chances For Rain During The Middle Of Next Month - Weather Forecast According to alrai Meteorologist Muhammad Karam expected chances for rain to fall during the middle of next month, indicating that according to preliminary readings and pluralistic models, cloud forma... October 29, 2020 671 Category: Weather in Kuwait
40 Percent Of Chances To Rain Next Week Meteorological expert Adel Al-Marzouq says the weather observation maps and weather forecast indicate that there will be 40 percent chance of rain, which will not exceed 1 mm, starting from next week ... October 23, 2019 858 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Exemption From Electricity Increases Chances Of Manipulation Following the parliament’s decision to treat Kuwaitis living in investment buildings (apartments) equally to those living in private residence areas (houses) and exempting them from electricity ... April 25, 2016 1041 Category: Kuwait
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