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A Kuwaiti Medical Team Relieves The Pain Of Children Suffering From Malignant Retinal Stem Cell Cancer While facing severe hurdles, a Kuwaiti medical team was able to relieve the anguish of a number of children suffering from a malignant condition (retinal cancer) at a time when countries throughout th... February 15, 2022 180 Category: Health
‘Test Imported Food, Cancer Cases On Rise’ The parliamentary Environment Affairs Committee on Monday discussed the need to test all imported and local food products to ensure they are free from harmful substances. The meeting is in line with t... January 24, 2022 424 Category: Kuwait
Campaign To Train 3,378 Medical Staff To Raise Cancer Awareness The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Cancer Awareness Campaign (CAN) Dr. Khaled Al-Saleh said the campaign is training 3,378 medical staff to raise cancer awareness among the residen... January 19, 2022 183 Category: Kuwait
The Kan Campaign: 70% Of Women With Breast Cancer May Have No Symptoms The National Cancer Awareness Campaign “Kan” announced the completion of the third phase of the “Training of Trainers” program for breast cancer detection by graduating trainee... October 31, 2020 393 Category: Health
Poor Filipino Gets Free Costly Care For Cancer In the midst of angry protests and hostile statements issued by officials in the Philippines against Kuwait, a 50,000-dinar surgery was performed on a Filipino resident suffering from rare facial canc... February 02, 2020 415 Category: Filipinos
15% Of Death In Kuwait Caused By Cancer Cancer is the cause of 15 percent of fatalities in Kuwait, Dr Ali Al-Mosawi, Kuwait Cancer Control Center (KCCC) Manager, said yesterday. “It is the second leading cause in Kuwait after cardiac ... January 20, 2020 359 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Reached 29,645 Cancer Patients - Statistics Ministry of Health says the average number of cancer patients in Kuwait matches the rates specified in the reports of the International Agency for Research on Cancer in Leon City, France affiliated to... November 12, 2019 473 Category: Kuwait
Chemical Found In Colgate Toothpaste Linked To Cancer Colgate is one of the most popular brands of toothpaste in the world and one of the most widely used ones as well. If you check your medicine cabinet you probably have one in there as well. However... May 11, 2019 8146 Category: Health
MP Questions Rise In Rate Of Cancer In Kuwait Kuwaiti medical journals and reports from medical specialists have confirmed that the cancer rate in the country increased remarkably in the past three decades, indicating thyroid and colon cancers ar... January 03, 2019 293 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Ban On Thermoses Takes Effect Jan 1 2019 The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has banned imports of thermoses that containing asbestos which could lead to cancer. The decision includes banning the importation of all materials used in the... December 29, 2018 3016 Category: Kuwait
Cancer Rates In Kuwait Alarming The rates of cancer and other chronic non-communicable diseases in Kuwait are at an “alarming” level, local media reported quoting a health ministry official. The ministry is currently ... April 26, 2018 659 Category: Kuwait
Expats Who Suffer From Cancer, Diabetes, BP And Several Other Illnesses Will No Longer Be Able To Obtain Residencies In Kuwait In an effort to reduce the costs of expat health care on the country’s government, Expats who suffer from cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and several other illnesses will no longer be able... March 09, 2018 1079 Category: Kuwait
Roll Down Your Car Windows In Summer To Prevent Cancer *This msg from Dr Syed Badar Husain, renowned neurologist in Atlanta: *Plz circulate *.  *To Each AC Car user,Now this is very interesting & MUST READ , as it's for HEALTH !...Ca... March 06, 2017 1699 Category: Health
Kuwait Holds Marathon To Shine Light On Cancer Under the slogan, "Sports Beats Cancer", men and women from across Kuwait turned out in droves on Saturday for a marathon sponsored by the Public Authority for Sports (PAS), in con... February 04, 2017 1482 Category: Kuwait
This Is Why You Should Never Put Crocs On Your Feet Again The oddly shaped rubber shoes known as Crocs first hit the market in the early 2000’s, however they did not catch on in terms of popularity until almost 10 years later. Since then, they have bec... September 10, 2016 4854 Category: Health
An 8 Year Old American Boy With Cancer Who Wanted To Be Famous In China Dies An 8-year-old American boy with terminal cancer whose dying wish to become famous in China reverberated around the world has died. Dorian Murray died Tuesday, according to a post on the boy&rsquo... March 11, 2016 1477 Category: Kuwait
Eating Processed Meat Can Lead To Bowel Cancer In Humans While Red Meat Is A Likely Cause Of The Disease- WHO Processed meat like hotdogs and ham cause cancer; red meat risky too , WHO  experts said on Monday in findings that could sharpen debate over the merits of a meat-based diet. The Fra... October 27, 2015 1652 Category: Health
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