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CAN Warns Of Obesity Problem In Kuwait, Urges Citizens To Eat Healthy Cancer Awareness Nation (CAN) campaign, stressed Tuesday the necessity of following a healthy diet, as Kuwait is among the top countries in obesity rates compared to the rest of the world. Nutrition s... October 20, 2020 292 Category: Health
CAN Provides Tips To Avoid Meat Becoming Carcinogenic During Process Of Barbecuing Head of Cancer Awareness Nation (CAN) Dr Khalid Al-Saleh stressed the importance of raising awareness about the wrong steps taken while barbecuing, especially since it is prevalent to prepare food by ... December 19, 2019 267 Category: Kuwait
Reforms Can End Radicalism Scholar, activist and preacher Ayed al-Qarni appeared on television to apologize for the positions he took, the opinions he made, and the fatwas issued by him during his period of activity within the ... May 14, 2019 203 Category: Opinion
What Is Zakat, How To Calculate And Who Can Receive What is Zakat Zakat, the giving of alms to the poor and needy, is one of the five pillars of Islam (the others are the declaration of faith, prayer, fasting in Ramadan and Hajj). It is obligatory u... May 14, 2019 765 Category: Ramadan
Can Kuwaiti Population Rise To 50 Pct In 7 Years Are we daydreaming? Can the Kuwaiti population rate be increased to 50 percent in seven years? According to last week’s local news, the government is planning to create a new committee for organ... November 25, 2018 553 Category: Business
Can An Engineer Renew Driving Licence After Licence Is Cancelled I have been working as an engineer in Kuwait since October 2017. I got driving licence in February 2018 valid till February 2019. My salary is KD 1,200. My residency expired in October 2018. Now my co... November 22, 2018 385 Category: Driving License
How Many Months Mother-in-law Can Stay On Visit Visa – Wife Pregnant My wife is now pregnant and I want her to deliver in Kuwait hospital. I and my mother in law have come to Kuwait and staying here for the last three months so that she can take care of the new baby bu... October 04, 2018 694 Category: Visit Visa
Kuwait Airways Cannot Be Forced To Carry Israeli Passenger - German Court A German court said on Tuesday that Kuwait’s boycott of Israel was “unacceptable and irrelevant in Germany” but that Kuwait Airways could not be forced to transport Israeli citizens ... September 26, 2018 867 Category: International
Expats Can Avail 3 Months Visit Visa For Wives And Children Assistant Undersecretary for National and Passport Affairs Maj Gen Faisal Al-Nawaf (MOI) issued a circular granting three months visit visa for expats wives and children on humanitarian grounds and wi... September 18, 2018 474 Category: Visit Visa
Can I Take Maternity Leave And Annual Leave Together At my company I am allowed to have 60 days of annual leave and 70 days of maternity leave. Since I am taking maternity leave this year, my company says that I can take only a total of 100 paid days fo... August 22, 2018 686 Category: Legal
Can My Family Come Back On Old Visa I would like to enquire few details about the validity of my family visa. My family has been with me in Kuwait since last 1 year and they went to India on leave in April 2018 after the renewal of thei... July 21, 2018 1212 Category: Legal
Bomb Found Near A Trash Can In Mangaf Area Experts from the explosives unit dealt with a bomb found near a trash can in Mangaf area, reports Al-Anba daily. A security source said the Operations Room of the Interior Ministry received a call fro... April 16, 2018 1075 Category: Crime News
Contract Signed For 2 Yrs-Can I Get Release After 2 Yrs I’m currently working for an exchange company in Kuwait. I have signed a 2 year contract with them I’m at point of almost completing my contract. Can I ask for release from my company afte... August 09, 2017 1095 Category: Legal
Reshuffle Process Can Be Expected Soon In Ministry Of Justice Minister of Justice and State Minister for the National Assembly Affairs Dr Faleh Al-Azeb indicated that a reshuffle process can be expected soon in Ministry of Justice which will include a number of ... July 28, 2017 687 Category: Kuwait
Can Doctor Leave Private Clinic Before 3 Yrs If Hired From Abroad I am a doctor in a private clinic and I was hired from India. I have completed one year of service. Kindly clarify if the minimum service period for doctors is one year or three years. Thanking you. ... July 06, 2017 670 Category: Legal
How Can We Differentiate Between Original And Fake Perfumes Many citizens and residents, especially women, are increasingly eager to buy perfumes during holidays and special occasions. However, some may be subjected to commercial fraud or counterfeiting. So... July 02, 2017 1504 Category: Kuwait
Chocolate Can Protect Against Tooth Decay Chocolate Can Protect Against Tooth Decay Remember when your mom told you not to eat too many candy bars and sweets because they can cause tooth decay? Turns out, chocolate can be more beneficial t... March 04, 2017 1474 Category: Health
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